I am allergic to the smell of marijuana!

I'm allergic to the smell of weed!

Roger Daltrey is allergic to cannabis.

Roger Daltrey

Who frontman has blamed an instance of meningitis he endured five years ago to creating him create the odd allergy, which induces his throat to”up” when he so much as scents a whiff of this smokable plant.

Roger spends a good deal of time at California, in which marijuana is currently legal, and states that his allergy has left his house a”nightmare”, as it appears like everybody is enjoying the medication except .

He explained:”Because [I had meningitis] I have this horrible allergy to the odor of marijuana. Of all of the afflictions! It is a nightmare. My throat opens up in the odor.

“Pot is currently legal in California so everyone smokes . I really don’t wish to spoil anybody’s fun — I would like if they ate it. It does exactly the identical thing, it simply requires a little more time to get the job done.”

The 76-year-old rocker additionally suffers from migraines and dysplasia — that are abnormal cells from the vocal strings — also requires routine tests in his throat.

Talking to this’How to Wow’ podcast,’ the’My Generation’ singer due to the newest acting regular:”I shoot a few antihistamines until I move on and I could get it through .

“There is pot at each gig. It is political but I have never known why it is criminalised how it is.

“It is crazy. You would criminalise booze manner before marijuana if it had been down to wellbeing. All the way later on, it will not make any sense in any respect.”

Meanwhile, the Roger lately said he believes fame has cost him his friends, as rocketing to victory at the 1960therefore as a part of Who left him lose contact his old pals.

When asked what he misses most amid the coronavirus pandemic, Roger stated:”Individual contact. That is exactly what I did not enjoy about being a star.

“It sort of distanced me out of my own mates and everybody treated me immediately after I became so famous, I did not enjoy this.

“I never wished to differ. I love to just talk with people and be treated generally. I only miss that contact.”

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