Hunter Biden Net Worth: How Did He Get Rich?

hunter biden net worth

The second child of American President Joe Biden and his first wife Neilia Hunter Biden is an attorney named Robert Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden’s Source of Income

Shortly after earning his Yale degree in 1998, Hunter Biden began working as a consultant for MBNA. He’d advance to Executive Vice President.

He eventually quit MBNA in 2001 out of boredom to work for the Clinton Administration’s U.S. Department of Commerce.

After serving in the government for a while, he established his lobbying firm and started working as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill.

hunter biden net worth

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Republican President G.W. Bush appointed Hunter to the Amtrak board of directors in 2006 for a term of five years.

In 2006, Hunter and his uncle acquired the hedge fund Paradigm Global Advisors, where Hunter served as CEO until 2011.

Net worth: $1 – 20+ million
Source of wealth: Influence
Date of birth: February 4, 1970
Place of birth: Wilmington, Delaware

Then, in 2011, he established Seneca Global Advisors. He co-founded an investment company and a venture capital company with two people, and up until 2014, he worked at a law firm.

It is believed that the $4 million in payments he got from a variety of sources were made to him for lobbying.

Hunter was on the board of the private investment fund BHR Partners from 2013 to 2020.

In addition to his interests, he holds positions with a number of domestic and international businesses.

Now, he dabbles in the arts and exhibits his creations in private settings.

More recently, Hunter wrote “Beautiful Things: A Memoir,” his 2021 book, for which it’s said he earned an advance of $2 million from Simon & Schuster.

hunter biden net worth

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The Laptop of Hunter Biden and The Controversy

Hunter Biden left his wet laptop in the now-defunct “The Mac Shop” in Delaware at the beginning of 2019. Biden neglected to pick up the laptop, therefore it ended up in the owner’s possession.

This laptop turned found to have a secret stash of papers, emails, and messages that proved Hunter’s business dealings with overseas corporations as well as some of the scandalous activities he engaged in his personal life.

The contents on Hunter Biden’s laptop have been rejected, downplayed, and disputed, but the laptop itself is authentic.

According to Democrats, Hunter

According to Hunter Biden, his father, the Biden White House, and the Democratic Party, he was a skilled attorney who struggled to kick his drug and alcohol addictions.

They insist that neither Hunter nor his father, President Biden, have engaged in any unethical behavior in relation to lobbying or transnational business transactions.

Furthermore, they contend that there was nothing improper about how the news was covered up in the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential Election by Big Tech and the mainstream media.

Hunter in Republican Eyes

The Biden family, including Hunter Biden, his father Joe, and uncle James, are allegedly involved in sleazy influence-peddling that has brought them tens of millions of dollars, according to former President Trump, numerous Republicans, and conservative media.

They contend that President Biden and Hunter Biden have had a free ride by the media and Big Tech despite engaging in scandalous behavior involving drugs, booze, and loose women, which eventually cost Trump the election.

They claim that if a comparable controversy had occurred involving one of Trump’s adult children, the issue would never have been put to rest, pointing to Trump’s treatment throughout his turbulent presidency.

More importantly, they claim that the illicit pay-for-play access secured by Hunter for the Chinese gas giant Sinopec and the Ukrainian company Burisma threatens national security by undermining public confidence in the President’s office and a President’s ability to act independently.

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