Huami Next Beat 2021 conference: All you need to know

Huami Next Beat 2021 conference: All you need to know
Huami Next Beat 2021 conference: All you need to know

According to the latest news, today, Chinese tech start-up Huami Technology held its Next Beat 2021 conference at Hefei, China. The Next Beat 2021 conference is themed “The Future of Health”. At the conference, the company announced several new products that are tailored towards promoting the health of users.

In the event, Huami announced two products. The two products are a new generation of smart wearable chips dubbed Huangshan 2S and a new self-developed operating system dubbed Zepp OS. The OS is focused on the health of the user.

Huami is claiming Huangshan 2S chip to be the industry’s first dual-core RISC-V wearable chip featuring an independent GPU. The processor has supercomputing power and artificial intelligence. Moreover, it is ultra-low in terms of power consumption. 

Huami claimed that the chip can perform high load calculations for graphics and UI operations. The large-core system is integrated with FPU and supports floating-point operations. The Huangshan 2S chip comes with a 2.5D GPU which increases performance up to 67% than the previous generation.

The chip is an upgraded version of the Huangshan 2 chip. The newly introduced chip has 18% better computing performance, 93% lower sleep power consumption, and 56% lower operating power consumption than the previous iteration.

On the other hand, Zepp OS is a specially designed OS for smartwatches. According to Huami’s co-founder and the rotating president of the Global Innovation Center, Fan Meihui, the new OS is all about lightness, smoothness, and practicality.

The OS is based on the FreeRTOS microkernel open source code which occupies a very small space compared to other general operating systems. The system package is only 55 MB which is just 1/28 of Apple’s watch OS and 1/10 of the Amazfit OS. The OS is based on the lightweight code and various power optimization methods. It makes the OS a good choice from the point of view of battery life.

Huami said that the operating power consumption of Zepp OS is 65% ​lesser than Amazfit OS. The company also said that if compared with the Amazfit Watch 2 running on Amazfit OS, then the Zepp OS offers 190% better battery life. The frame rate of most interfaces in the system can exceed 60fps. Other features include 150 dials, IoT connectivity, smart home control, NFC access control, 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, eSIM support, etc.

The OS can easily be connected to any heath equipment like a blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitors, etc. It supports Internet cloud service applications like NetEase Cloud Music, Alexa, and Yuepaoquan. Last but not the least, Humai said Zepp OS is equipped with Zeus Mini-Program Framework.

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