How to Use Spotlight Search on Your iPhone or iPad? A Step-by-Step Guide!

How to Use Spotlight Search on Your iPhone or iPad

This article will teach you how to use Spotlight Search on an iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 8 or a later version.


How to Open the Spotlight Search Screen

Use the search function on the iPad to find items rather than browsing through pages and pages of apps. Your whole iOS device is searched by Spotlight Search, including your music library, contacts, email, and movie library. Spotlight Search also searches outside of your iPad to bring in results from the web and the App Store.

By using your finger to swipe from left to right on the first page of the Home screen, you may access Spotlight Search. Swipe from the top down to open the search screen if you are using iOS 9 or an earlier version.

Note: You often need to be on the Home screen and not in an app in order to launch Spotlight Search. In iOS 8 and later, Spotlight Search is accessible in Safari.

How to Use Spotlight Search on Your iPhone or iPad

There is a search bar at the top of the Spotlight Search screen that you view. Before you perform a search, it could also have additional elements like weather, calendar events, Siri App Suggestions, and other features that you can enable or disable in Settings > Siri & Search.

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Start entering the name of the program into the search field on the Spotlight Search screen. The screen shows the app icon. To open it, simply tap it from the results.

The episodes of a TV show that can be found on Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes are listed in the Spotlight Search results. Casting directories, online games, websites, and other options are also available for the particular program you select.

You may spend less time browsing your device’s music collection thanks to the functionality. Open Spotlight Search and begin entering the song or band’s name instead of opening the Music app and scrolling through a long list to find a certain song or band. The search results are immediately trimmed down, and touching a song name plays it on the Music app.

You may look up neighboring establishments like eateries. For instance, if you put “gas” into the search bar, you’ll see a list of gas stations nearby along with their location and driving instructions.

With your iPad, you may search for anything, including contacts, emails, and movies. You could find results from a cooking app or a phrase kept in Notes or the Pages word editor thanks to Spotlight Search’s ability to search inside applications.

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