How to Upload Photos to iCloud?

how to upload photos to icloud

iCloud offers more features than just iPhone and iPad backups. iCloud can keep all of your devices, like as your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC, in sync with your images. You may configure your devices to upload copies of all your images to iCloud automatically, and you can also manually upload photos from your Mac or Windows PC to iCloud.

On an iPhone or iPad, How To Enable iCloud Photos

how to upload photos to icloud

Make sure iCloud Photographs is turned on and configured to upload your mobile photos to the cloud before you begin using it.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Select “Photos” by swiping down.

3. If iCloud Photos isn’t already on, switch it on by swiping the button to the right until it turns green.

For each Apple mobile device you want to sync with iCloud, repeat the process. Now, all of your iPhone and iPad images ought to be uploaded to iCloud automatically. Note: Use our how-to guide to delete certain images from your iPhone but leave them in iCloud.

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On a Mac, How To Activate iCloud Photos

  1. Open the Photos app first.
  2. Select “Photos” from the menu at the top left of your screen, and then select “Preferences.”
  3. Double-check that the “iCloud” tab is chosen at the top of the window, then choose the checkbox next to “iCloud Photos” to enable it.

On a Computer, How To Activate iCloud Photos

You must activate iCloud using the iCloud desktop software before you may upload photographs to it from a Windows machine.

  1. Get iCloud for Windows 10 and install it. Download the iCloud app from if you are still running an outdated version of Windows.
  2. Start your PC from scratch. iCloud might start automatically after it reboots. If not, select iCloud from the Start menu by clicking the Start button.
  3. Use your Apple ID to log in.
  4. Pick the features you want to sync and backup across all of your devices. Make sure to hit “Apply” after selecting “Photos.”

how to upload photos to icloud

You can use the iCloud desktop software after installing it to control how photographs are synced and backed up, whether or not you want to share your bookmarks from your desktop browser with Safari on your iOS device, and more.

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How to Add Pictures to I Cloud from Your Computer

Once everything is switched on, it is simple to upload photos to iCloud:

  • Open a File Explorer folder and select “iCloud Photos” from the left-hand menu if you’re using Windows. Photos can be dragged into the iCloud Photos folder. They’ll be replicated to your other synchronized devices and promptly posted to iCloud.
  • Launch the Photos app on your Mac, then drag images into it. They’ll be replicated to your other synchronized devices and promptly posted to iCloud. Instead of uploading your whole iCloud collection as you may do by opening your Photos Preferences, which is how you upload individual photos to iCloud, you can do it this way.
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