Your Guide To How To Turn Off CarPlay!

how to turn off carplay

Apple CarPlay is a handy function for connecting your smartphone to your car’s infotainment system, but there may be occasions when you need to turn it off. This tutorial was written to help you understand Apple CarPlay and how to disable it when you don’t need it.

Describe Car Play

Many more recent vehicles come standard with Apple CarPlay. By using its touch-screen display, button panel, voice command, and audio system, this practical program enables you to connect your iPhone to your car’s infotainment system. When you connect your car’s infotainment system to the Apple CarPlay program, you can use some iPhone applications through the built-in interface, like the touch-screen display, of your car. When you attach your phone to the car’s USB port or connect wirelessly, CarPlay instantly syncs.

Car Play Feature Types

CarPlay has a number of helpful features that make using phone applications while driving easier. Virtual car keys, navigational software, voice controls, texting capabilities, and entertainment features are some of these applications.

Electronic Automobile Keys

You can use the virtual auto keys feature on your phone to start and unlock your vehicle. Share your car keys with loved ones and start your automobile remotely. A useful tool for establishing access permissions for new drivers is the ability to control who can enter your car and when they can do so with virtual car keys.

If you have a teen driver at home, for instance, you can assign the virtual car keys to the teen’s profile and limit their access to only specific hours of the day. Also, even when your phone’s battery runs out, the virtual car keys software can continue to function for up to five hours.

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Navigational Aids

Your chosen navigation app can be synced from your phone to your car using Apple CarPlay. Despite the fact that a lot of automobiles come with built-in GPS systems, you might prefer the alternative options on your phone. You can show your chosen navigating tool on the dashboard of your automobile by connecting your device to it. The application may play voice instructions over the stereo in your automobile, making them audible and simple to follow.

Voice Orders

Your phone’s voice command system is connected to your automobile via CarPlay. You can use voice commands to use phone apps and make information requests without using your hands. You may make calls, request music, ask for directions, and communicate verbally. By doing so, you can maintain your attention on the road and increase safety while still having access to your phone’s functions.


CarPlay also offers the useful capability of hands-free messaging. Using voice instructions and the car’s audio system enables you to send and receive electronic messages like emails and texts. You can dictate replies to send to your contacts while listening to messages. This is a practical approach to staying in touch with people and managing business-related correspondence while traveling.


During your commute, you can access entertainment apps thanks to CarPlay. With your preferred phone apps, you can play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and radio programs. You can access more settings through your phone’s applications than through the built-in software in your car.

When to Use Car Play, How To

There are situations in which turning off CarPlay may be preferable to turning it on. When you could decide to use CarPlay are

Improving Convenience: CarPlay has a number of practical features that let you use your phone while you’re driving. CarPlay can be a practical option for you if you require constant access to your messaging services or prefer the programs on your phone to those that are pre-installed on the car’s system.
Increasing Software Options: Compared to your car’s default settings, CarPlay may provide you access to more options. For instance, your preferred GPS app on your phone may have more options than the internal navigation system in your car.
Limiting Access: You can limit who has access to your car and its features using CarPlay’s choices. For someone who frequently shares their automobile, the virtual car key feature allows you control over who can enter and operate your vehicle as well as when they can use it.

Car Play May Not Be Used in The Following Situations:

Utilizing the Internal Features of Your Car: Some drivers prefer to use the internal features of their cars over those on their phones. By turning off CarPlay, you can make sure that your car uses its standard functions rather than giving your phone’s settings priority.

Driving a Rental Car: Although CarPlay protects your security and privacy, turning it off before renting a car will lessen the chance that the vehicle can have access to your private information.

Reducing Distractions: Although CarPlay expands the options available to you, turning it off can lessen the number of distractions it offers.

Turning Off CarPlay

Disclaimer: The recommendations in this account are generic in nature and should not be construed as instructions for your particular car. To make repairs, please refer to your owner’s manual or repair manual.

There are two ways to turn off CarPlay: through settings, which allows you to disconnect from just one vehicle, or through the limitations menu on your iPhone, which forbids connecting to any vehicle.

Opening the Settings app will enable you to disable CarPlay.

2. Choose “General” from the third part of the drop-down menu.

3. Choose “CarPlay” from the “General” settings menu.

4. The vehicles connected to your phone are displayed in the “CarPlay” menu. Choose the choice you want to forget if you want to break your connection with a car. You access the vehicle menu by choosing a vehicle.

5. Choose “Forget This Vehicle” from the vehicle’s menu.

6. Choose “Forget” from the pop-up menu to confirm that you really do wish to forget the car. Using this option, you can link your iPhone to other automobiles while forgetting about one specific vehicle.

Disabling CarPlay Via Restrictions

Step 1: Launch the Settings app.

2. Choose “Screen Time” in the second part of the application.

3. Scroll down and select “Content & Privacy Controls” from the Screen Time menu.

4. Choose “Allowed Applications”. Toggle the button to the right of the title “Content & Privacy Restrictions” to enable the menu if you are unable to select this item from your menu. When you activate the menu, the button ought to be green.

5. Scroll to the CarPlay selection in the “Allowed Apps” menu. To turn it off, press the toggle button. When you shut off the app, the button ought to be gray. The app won’t operate in any vehicle after being disabled. To activate the function once more, simply tap the button once more.

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