What Is Windows S Mode, and How Do You Disable It?

how to switch out of s mode

If you recently bought a Windows laptop or computer, you might have realized that you can’t install some software. If your machine is running Windows 10 S, this could occur. But what exactly does Windows 10 S do? Anything you need to know about Windows 10 S mode and how to turn it off for free can be found here.

Windows 10 S Mode: What is it?

A setting called Windows 10 S Mode is made to provide you with quicker startup times, more battery life, and improved security. With Windows 10 S, you cannot, however, download any programs from outside the Microsoft Store or use certain web browsers.

how to switch out of s mode

Why You Should Keep Windows 10 S Mode

Windows 10 S Mode “delivers reliable performance and quality,” according to Microsoft. Faster boot speeds, greater performance, better security, and other advantages come with Windows 10 S Mode.

  • Constant performance: You don’t need to utilize as much memory or processing power while using Windows 10 S Mode. As a result, your computer will continue to function flawlessly.
  • Accelerated Boot Times: Windows 10 S-powered computers should boot up in less than 15 seconds. Computers using Windows 10 S booted up 80% quicker than those running Windows 10 Pro, according to testing.
  • Improved battery life: S Mode, a pared-down version of Windows, uses 15% less power, resulting in longer battery life for laptops. A Surface Laptop with S Mode activated, according to Microsoft, may run for up to 14.5 hours on a single charge.


how to switch out of s mode

  • Automatic cloud file storage: If your machine is running Windows 10 S, your files will be stored in OneDrive automatically. This implies that everything on your computer may be accessed using a device that is linked to the internet.
    improved security
  • On Windows 10 S, you can only download programs from the Microsoft Store. By doing this, you are less likely to unintentionally download harmful software or bugs that might damage your computer. Microsoft still suggests using the Windows Defender Security Center to safeguard your machine, though.
    there are many applications to pick from
  • The Microsoft Store was a little underdeveloped when S Mode was originally made available. There are many applications available right now. You can download a tonne of free and paid programs from the Microsoft Store, whether you’re seeking productivity or leisure apps.

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Why Turn Off Windows 10 S Mode?

There are various drawbacks to Windows 10 S Mode that may make you want to disable it. You will be limited to using Bing as your only search engine and the Edge browser. Additionally prohibited are any third-party applications, as well as various accessories and setup tools.

  • You can only use Edge and Bing: While you’re in S Mode, your only options for a web browser and search engine are Edge and Bing. As a result, you won’t be able to use Chrome or Firefox and will instead need to visit Google.com to use the search engine.
  • No outside applications: You can only download programs for Windows 10 S via the Microsoft Store. You will get a pop-up box that prevents you from using the app if you attempt to install one that is not available on the Microsoft Store.


how to switch out of s mode

  • Restricted accessory support: Windows 10 S only permits the usage of a select group of computer devices, including printers, cameras, and wireless mice. Check out Microsoft’s list here to see if your devices are compatible with Windows 10 S.
  • Lack of OS configuration and customization tools: For system setup and troubleshooting with Windows 10 S, you won’t be able to use the Command Prompt, PowerShell, or the Windows Registry.

How to Check if You Have Windows 10 S Mode Enabled

Go to Start > Settings > System to see if Windows 10 S Mode is activated. Then click About after navigating down the left sidebar. To find out the version of Windows you have installed, look at the Windows specification section.

  1. Windows Start Menu should be opened. To achieve this, click the Windows logo icon in the lower left corner of your screen. Instead, you may press the button when your keyboard is showing the Windows logo.
  2. Choose Settings next. This button has a gear icon on it.
  3. Click System next.
  4. Then click About after navigating down the left sidebar.
  5. To determine if Windows 10 is running in S mode, go under Windows specs.
  6. This will be to Edition’s right.

how to switch out of s mode

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The Best Way to Disable Windows 10 S Mode

Click the Start button, then select Settings > Update & Security > Activation to disable Windows 10 S Mode. Under the Switch out of S Mode panel, choose Go to the Store, and then click Get. Next, choose Install, and wait for the procedure to be completed.

Please be aware that exiting S Mode is a one-way operation. There is no turning back once you make the switch. Hence, before you move on, be certain that you want to permanently disable S Mode.

  1. Windows Start Menu should be opened.
  2. Choose Settings next.
  3. Click Update & Security next.
  4. Next, choose Activation. This is located in the Settings window’s left sidebar.
  5. Click Go to Store after that. This is displayed next to an icon of a shopping bag bearing the Windows logo. Changing out of S Mode will be shown in a new window that appears when you click it in the Microsoft Store.

how to switch out of s mode

  • Next, choose Get. This will be a blue button next to the description, right below it.
  • Click Install one more to complete the procedure. After finishing, a pop-up box stated “You’re all set! You have exited S mode and are now able to install applications from sources other than the App Store.
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