How to Share Wifi Password: How to share your Wi-Fi password from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

how to share wifi password

You need to remember, but your new employee needs to know. You’re sure Sheryl in marketing noted it down somewhere, but this week she’s on vacation. Do you really need to start looking through all of her desk’s paperwork? Most likely not (and you looked, but you can’t find it). Does that imply that your new coworker must connect to the network via Ethernet like a peasant from the Middle Ages?

No. the Password Is Accessible on Your Phone or Pc. to Sum It Up:

how to share wifi password

On Windows, the Control Panel contains the password for the current network. You can download a third-party program or use the command prompt to connect to different networks. On Android, you may share passwords through a QR code and check a list of all your credentials in the Wi-Fi settings.

The passwords for your currently connected network can be readily shared with any other iPhone or iPad, but saved passwords cannot be viewed on iPhone or iPad. Additionally, every saved password will sync to your Mac so that you may view it. Simply launch Keychain Access on a Mac to see all saved passwords. That’s the summary; if you have questions or simply want more information, continue reading. I’ll guide you through each step.

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How to Locate Your Windows Wi-Fi Password

Disappointingly, Windows lacks any form of Wi-Fi sharing functionality, although you can easily check the password for whichever network you’re currently connected to.

1. Go to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel after opening it.

2. Select Wireless Properties by clicking the name of the network to which you are currently logged in.

3. If you select the Show characters checkbox on the Security page, you may see the Network security key—your password.

This only functions for the network to which you are now connected, as I already mentioned. You have two choices if you want to view the passwords for other networks.

Make use of the command window. the netsh WLAN display profile command If you substitute “NetworkName” with the name of the network you want the password for, NetworkName key=clear will display the password for any Wi-Fi network. If you don’t know the precise name of the network for which you need the password, the command netsh WLAN show profile can display a list of networks

Install an outside app. Both WirelessKeyView and Magical Jellybean WiFi Revealer can display all of your saved Wi-Fi passwords.

How to Locate and Share Your Android Wi-Fi Password

how to share wifi password

With support for browsing every network, you’ve ever logged into, sharing passwords from an Android device is simple. You may view the password or send it instantly via a QR code.

1. Go to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi in your device’s settings after opening them.

2. Tap the network you want to share after scrolling past the current networks to Saved networks.

3. When you tap the Share button, a QR code will appear that you may use to send the password to others. The password is also displayed underneath the QR code in plaintext.

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On I iPhone and iPad, How To Share Your Wi-Fi Password

On an iPhone or iPad, there is no way to browse all of your Wi-Fi passwords, but it is simple to give the password for the network that is now connected to another iPhone or iPad user.

You’ll see a pop-up similar to this one if someone physically close to you attempts to join a network you’re connected to:

If you recognize the name, click Share Password to log in to their device. It’s quite polished. Be aware that for this functionality to function, Bluetooth must be turned on on both devices

You can only use this with the network to which you are now connected. Passwords cannot be shared with other users or browsed by other users. However, if you also possess a Mac, there is a workaround available: all passwords saved on an iPhone or iPad are synchronized to macOS devices using iCloud, and that platform allows users to browse remembered passwords.

How to Find a Mac’s Wi-Fi Password

how to share wifi password

All Wi-Fi passwords are kept on your Mac in Keychain Access.

1. Launch the Finder and select Applications > Utilities from the menu. You may also launch Spotlight by pressing Command+Space and then typing “Keychain Access.” In either case, the System section contains all of your Wi-Fi passwords.

2. Look up any network, connect to it, and verify the Show password checkbox. Keep in mind that the password for your user account on most devices will be required when you are prompted for an administrator password.

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