Using an iPhone: How To View Blacklisted Numbers?

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

Blocking phone numbers used to be a challenging process. Apple engineers provided the capability to ban phone numbers in the settings of your iOS device as technology has gotten more user-friendly. You may take numbers off of your block list in addition to adding them.

You may follow the instructions in this post to check any restricted numbers and get some helpful hints along the way.

On an iPhone, how To View Blocked Numbers

You have the option to add a number that is calling or texting to the list of banned numbers. As a result, you won’t get any calls or other notifications from the offending number on your phone. You might wish to see whether someone has been blocked or unblocked someone. Fortunately, everything you need is accessible with only a few screen clicks.

Viewing All Blocked Numbers

It merely takes a few simple steps to locate the list of blacklisted numbers on your iPhone. You can view phone numbers that can’t text, call, or FaceTime you if you use the approach described below. Here’s where to look for them:

  • On your iPhone, tap the Settings button. Then click Phone.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

  • Scroll down and tap on Blocked Contacts.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

  • Click Blocked Contacts after scrolling down.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

Note: By selecting Edit and then touching the red minus sign next to the number, you may rapidly delete items from the list.

As you can see, seeing your blocked numbers merely only a few taps.

How to View Blocked Contacts on FaceTime

When you block a number on your iPhone, all calls, messages, and FaceTime conversations end. However, the banned contact will show up in the FaceTime settings if the person you want to block has a different FaceTime address than their phone number.

Try this if the person’s name, phone number, or email doesn’t show up using the techniques mentioned above:

  • Open the Settings on your iPhone and tap on FaceTime.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

  • On your iPhone, tap FaceTime under Settings.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone


  • The list of phone numbers that can’t FaceTime you is here.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone


Note: Press Edit, then tap the red minus sign next to the contact to allow them to contact you over FaceTime.

Everyone who has been prevented from contacting you over FaceTime is now visible to you.

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How to View Blocked Contacts in Messaging

By doing this, you may also view your banned numbers.

  • On your iPhone, tap the Settings button. Toggle to Messages.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

  • Blocked Contacts can be tapped.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

  • All the phone numbers and emails that are unable to send you messages or iMessages are listed here.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

It should be noted that you may text yourself any number on the list by selecting Edit and then tap the minus sign next to the desired number.

You may now see a comprehensive list of numbers and emails that are blocked from contacting you.

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How to View Blocked Email Contacts

Lastly, by doing the following actions on your iPhone, you may view everyone you’ve blocked:

  • On your iPhone, tap the Settings button. Then choose Mail.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

  • Tap on Blocked.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

  • Review the list of the emails and phones you have banned.

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

Note: To delete a contact, choose Edit and then press the red minus sign.

Simple Ways to Remember Blocked Contacts

When in doubt, keep in mind this straightforward sequence to retrieve your Blocked Numbers:

Blocked Contacts in the Settings app’s Phone/FaceTime/Messages section.

The menu item for Mail has somewhat different wording:

Mail in the Settings app > Blocked

how to see blocked numbers on iphone

Quick Hints for iPhone Blocked Numbers:

1. The Blocked Numbers list is consistent amongst all applications.

To add or delete users from the list, you don’t need to go to the Phone settings page first, followed by Messages or FaceTime. Any of the aforementioned techniques will reveal all the phone numbers and emails that are banned on your iPhone.

2. Calls received go straight to voicemail.

Did you realize that adding someone to your Blocked list doesn’t guarantee that you won’t hear from them again?

Still, their calls are answered. They don’t even ring your iPhone; they merely go to your voicemail. You won’t receive a notification if the blocked user decides to leave you a voicemail since it will be concealed in the Voicemail area.

3. Users who have prohibited yet still FaceTime or send messages won’t be aware of it.

Talk about getting the finger!

Users on your Blocked list won’t be notified that they are blocked if they contact you over FaceTime or Messages. Additionally, their calls won’t show up on your Apple devices. They’ll only assume that you are rejecting their attempts at conversation.

4. Emails from contacts go straight to the garbage.

When someone is banned on your Mail app, all of their messages go straight to the trash or trash folder.

Of course, you may check the trash for that specific email account to see what you’re missing. Why would you, though?

Also, remember that email filtering is compatible with all Apple products. If you block someone on your phone, your iPad and Mac will also be affected.

Questions and Answers

Here are some additional responses to your queries regarding banned contacts on iOS.

  • Does blocking a phone number require me to add it to my contacts?

No. Simply press the I symbol (from the message or call log) and scroll down to select Block to block a phone number. Any phone number that texts or calls you may be blocked using this method.

  • How does blocking a contact work?

All conversations with a blocked contact either go to voicemail or are completely ignored. The user won’t be aware that their number is on your list of prohibited numbers. If the contact dials your number, a voicemail box will be left.

Utilizing a Swipe to Unblock

Most of the people on your list of Blocked Numbers deserve it, right?

With a single left swipe, you can turn the process around if they’ve earned their way back into your good graces.

That is all that is necessary to get these users back into your environment, yes.

Regardless of whether you intended the exile to be temporary or permanent, you have the ability to reverse it. The tip of your finger is all that is required.

Ever “unblocked” a phone number? Did you think it was an easy enough process? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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