How to Screenshot on Chromebook: Best Ways to Screenshot on A Chromebook

how to screenshot on chromebook

You can use a computer screenshot for a variety of purposes. The list is vast and includes everything from rapidly demonstrating a problem you’re fixing to gathering inspiration for your next major project to aiding a friend or member of your family by demonstrating how to do something. But how to take a screenshot varies depending on the device and operating system. Additionally, Chromebooks and ChromeOS are included.

For many years, Chromebooks’ screenshot function was simple and only accessible by using a cryptic keyboard shortcut. That changed a year ago when Google released a snapshot tool that enables you to capture screenshots of your Chromebook’s screen in both still images and moving pictures. Here are the two methods for starting the screen capture tool, how to utilize it, and where to look for your captured images.

Screenshot Taken with A Keyboard Shortcut on A Chromebook

Shift+Ctrl+Show Windows is a three-key shortcut that you must press in order to open the Screen Capture toolbar. On the top row of the keyboard, the Show Windows key has an icon that resembles a window with two other windows piled behind it. The toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen when you simply press those three.

Additionally, you may just click Ctrl+Show Windows to quickly take a picture of your full screen rather than a specific area or window.

Any Chromebook model can use these keyboard shortcuts. On the top row of the keyboard, certain Chromebooks, however, have a Screen Capture key. Find a key that has a camera icon on it; the icon is typically a rectangle with a circle in the middle. No key combination is required; it just launches the tool when pushed.

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The screenshot Is Taken from Quick Settings on A Chromebook.

Since I have trouble remembering shortcut keys, I’m constantly searching for alternatives. Fortunately, Google introduced a shortcut button to the Quick Settings panel for screenshots so that I never again have to worry about what keys I need. To open the Quick Settings menu, click the time on Chrome’s Shelf. The toolbar will appear once you simply click or press on Screen Capture.

What the Screenshot Toolbar Does

You can record screen activity using the Screen Capture toolbar in addition to taking screenshots. On the far left of the toolbar is the toggle switch for switching between stills and video. You can choose to take a full-screen snapshot, a partial screenshot with a defined area, or a screenshot of a single window to the right of that toggle. Photos and videos can be taken using them. Additionally, you can easily add narration to your screen captures by selecting the settings cog on the toolbar and switching the microphone on or off while you record your screen.

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Where a Chromebook Saves Screenshots

The Clipboard, which keeps track of the last five things you’ve saved to it, allows you to access screenshots and recordings right away after you capture them. Simply hit the Everything button (also known as the Search key) and V to see what’s available.

Additionally, your Chromebook features a storage area on the Shelf called Tote. You may locate your most recent screenshots there. Additionally, you may pin files to Tote, allowing you to always have a crucial screenshot open and available without having to look for it.

You can find screenshots that were previously saved to the Clipboard in your folders. You can discover your screenshots in the Images folder on your Chromebook and your screen recordings in the Videos folder by simply opening the Files app.

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