How to Remove Unnecessary Word Page? 4 Simple Approaches!

how to delete pages in word

A soft page break can be added by Word to wrap text at the right margin, whereas a hard page break can be added by pressing Ctrl + Enter or Command + Return. Just the characters that appear before or after the latter can be deleted.

1. Using the Windows Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Page Up

Put the cursor at the start of the page after the one you want to delete, then click the Delete key to display just that page on a Windows device, independent of its content.

This means that if you wanted to erase page 2 of the Word document, you would have to scroll to the top of page 3 and use the Delete key.

The shortcut Ctrl + Page Up, even though it jumps to the top of the previous page, could prove useful occasionally. This means you can still use this shortcut even if the page is actually blank. If there is text on the page, even blank lines, Ctrl + Page Up does not behave as intended.

how to delete pages in word

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2. Deleting Pages in Word by Using the Navigation Pane

• Choose the Navigation pane from the Show group by first selecting the View tab.
• In the Navigation box, click Pages.
• After clicking the blank page, press the Delete key. The selected page will be reflected in the blue border.

3. How Can I Erase Pages When There Isn’t a Hard Page Break?

Strong line returns may necessitate turning the page. A blank page is a result of hard paragraph returns, often known as paragraph markers. The paragraph marks are a representation of the enter key. To delete all of the paragraph markers on the page, select each one individually and press the Delete key.

4. In Word, Choose the Page and Erase It

If the user can see the page break, Word can be used to erase the page without the need for a shortcut or dedicated pane. Merely click Erase after selecting it.


Microsoft Word: What Is It?

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that facilitates the creation of both straightforward and intricate writings.

How Many Different Tools Does Word Have?

Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailing, Review, and View are the other six tabs. On each tab, there are many groups of connected commands. You have quick access to the frequently used commands you require to complete a task.

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