How to Do a Side-by-Side Photo with iPhone & Android?

how to put two photos side by side

Putting two images next to each other, for instance, can be all that’s required in some cases. In 2023, this method has proven its worth most frequently for Instagram postings. To gain new clients, a professional picture editor, for instance, may often provide before and after comparisons of their work.

Retouchers of tattoos, restorers of antique furniture, etc. fall into this category. In a nutshell, there are many scenarios in which you would wish to merge two side-by-side photographs into one. It’s not tough, but if you’ve never done it before, this article may help you do it correctly the first time. Let’s figure out how to align two images next to each other.

What Software to Use to Put Two Photos Side by Side?

Please note that there will be no photographs app comparison in this article before we go into our case study. There are literally thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of third-party programs and picture editing tools that assist you in joining two photographs together. Since this is such a fundamental requirement, it can’t be said that any particular mobile app is superior to any other.

How much you’re willing to spend, the app’s special features and the problems you’re hoping to solve should all go into your decision on which side-by-side picture app to download. Simply opening the App Store or Google Play and purchasing the first app that catches your eye is usually sufficient.

While certain picture editing programs may be more user-friendly or aesthetically pleasing, the basic procedure for aligning two photos side by side remains the same across the board. Most of these tools are also very intuitive, making it possible to pick up on their use in a matter of minutes.

It’s obvious that I’ll be giving some thought to particular programs in the future; nevertheless, this certainly isn’t the BEST of the best, and it certainly doesn’t imply that any other programs are inferior. I’ll just tell you what I use and hope that it gives you a place to start and makes your work easier and more efficient.

I should also warn you that I am not going to be discussing PC software in this article. In 2023, speed is of the essence, and mobile applications easily outperform desktop software since they can be accessed at any time.

How to Put Two Photos Side by Side on An Android Phone?

So, you’re using an Android device and you want to compare two photos side by side. There are simple methods for displaying pictures. What are they like?

Using the smartphone app Collage Maker

It seems appropriate to continue discussing mobile applications because I brought them up initially.

Collage Maker is a generic term for this category of editing software. As the article’s creator, I use an application with that name, so it’s lucky for me. Isn’t it just a stupid name? But this again proves my point that comparing such programs is pointless. Anyway, I utilize the external app, and I find that this provides the most creative freedom. Even a simple collage might be produced artistically.

All of these applications, as I’ve mentioned, work on much the same idea. Using Collage Maker, you may align two images side by side like this:

Select “Grid” or “Collage” from the program’s main screen;

Select the two photographs you wish to include in the collage by marking them with a checkbox and then clicking the “Next” button (located in the upper right corner) to proceed.

Pick a collage layout, and decide on the final image’s aspect ratio and border width (or skip them altogether); Moreover, if you choose a border around your photographs, you may also set up an image backdrop to cover the empty space there (using any number of available textured patterns, solid color, or even another image).

In the editing mode, you may make changes to individual collage pieces without affecting the rest of the image.

When the collage is complete, you may tweak the final image before confirming the adjustments that integrate the photographs into a single image.

You’ve now learned the first of two methods for creating a side-by-side shot. Regarding the selection of an Android app, I advise against utilizing open-source software. They will either be overrun with intrusive adverts or feature reductions, leaving you with little options. For me, I spent a few bucks yearly (I can’t recall the exact amount) on Collage Maker. It’s very affordable, yet it made it easy for me to generate material for prominent social media networks.

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How to Put Photos Side by Side Using Google Photos App

Google Photos also allows you to make a collage without having to pay for any other software. Start the program to accomplish this. There will be an exhibition of your photographs. Select the image you wish to combine with another by tapping and holding on it. When checkmarks appear in the corners of your image preview, you can pick the second option by clicking on it.

Then, open the “Collage” app by pressing the “+” button in the upper right corner of your phone’s screen. The program will combine the photographs without letting you choose a design or customize the margins. This is the flaw of which I spoke. You now know how to use the Google Photos app to create a side-by-side shot.

Using the Samsung Photo Editing Tool

You may also use the Samsung Galaxy’s built-in editor to make a collage. Simply launch the gallery as normal and choose up several pictures. Then, choose “Create Collage” from the menu that appears when you click the three-dot icon. Samsung’s built-in editor also allows you to adjust the image arrangement.

This is how you take images side by side using an Android device. Excuse me, but what about iPhone users?

How to Create Side-by-Side Photos Using Layouts from Instagram?

Surprisingly, many Instagrammers are clueless about how to align two photos side by side. Pictures created in the Stories mode will have a conventional aspect ratio. The video from Stories may be downloaded to your phone, but this collage can be downloaded as well.

When Instagram is open, select the + sign in the top right corner to add a new photo or video. To make a quick tale, go to “Stories” and then click the camera icon.

Before shooting images, tap the Layout button. Multiple pictures can be taken at once for a single tale, or you can choose from your existing collection. The amount of photos will depend on the fixed arrangement (the default is four).

How to Make Side-By-Side Photos on iPhone without A Third-Party App?

Even without a third-party program, an iPhone may be used to merge two images into one. The Shortcuts app is required for this.

To add a new icon to your iPhone’s home screen, open the app and hit the + sign in the upper right corner of the screen.

A search box is located at the page’s bottom. Type “Select Photos” into the box. A blue arrow will appear next to “Select Photos” after the search is complete. You may use the “Select Multiple” option by touching it.

The search box awaits your return. The option labeled “Combine Images” must be located. Here is where you’ll select the orientation in which your photographs will be stitched together (vertical, horizontal, etc.). You may also customize the distance between individual images.

“Save to Photo Album” was the last search term. No other configuration options will be available.

You’re free to give your shortcut a new name and pick a new icon if you desire. When everything is ready, click “Add to Home Screen” and “Done”.

Excellent! Our app has made it to the main menu. To break open. Check the boxes next to the images you wish to merge to choose them. To continue, use the “Add” button up there in the upper right. Your picture will instantly be added to the Photos library.

Here’s how you utilize the iPhone’s in-built capabilities to display two images side by side. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to settle for any preferences you pick when you make the shortcut.

You want the real deal when it comes to picture editing, right? Give Luminar Neo a go!

You’ve just learned how to produce parallel photographs. In retrospect, everything seems rather straightforward. However, why stop there? Excellent specialized picture editing programs are available for your consideration. You’re looking at Luminar Neo, an AI-powered picture editor that will help you save time and effort. Luminar Neo is simple to use, yet it contains all the same capabilities as Photoshop, which might take a long time to learn.

Many of the time-consuming steps in the picture editing process have been automated because of advancements in artificial intelligence. Only genuine magic is welcome here. Just by clicking a few buttons, you can make your images look like they were taken straight out of a movie. You may give your photographs an ambiance that, sadly, your camera lens cannot always capture, thanks to a variety of tools and presets.

Professional tools will also allow you to adjust the exposure of the photograph to achieve the desired effect.

Another fascinating feature of Luminar Neo is a distinct set of capabilities for editing portraits with artificial intelligence: clean the skin, enhance the expressive appearance, fix body proportions, and much more!

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I could go on and on about Luminar Neo and all the good it does for you. Concerning the drawbacks, however… They don’t exist, to put it bluntly. In any event, seeing and doing are always preferable to hearing and reading.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my post on how to take side-by-side images; now you can impress your friends and followers with stunning collages you’ve made all by yourself.


How Can I Put Two Images Next to Each Other?

There are a number of third-party apps for both the iPhone and Android that enable users to arrange images side by side, such as Diptic, Layout, and Pic Stitch.

How Can I Use the Photos App to Make a Two-Image Collage?

Most mobile devices don’t have a built-in feature that allows you to easily align two photos side by side in the device’s default Photos app. However, there are third-party programs that may be used for this purpose, such as Diptic and Layout for Instagram.

Can I Align Two Photos on My iPhone without Downloading a Third-Party App?

Taking photos side by side is currently not an option in the iPhone’s Photos app. You may use the built-in markup tool to manually put two photographs side by side, or you can snap a screenshot of two images displayed in split-view mode and paste them next to each other.

Which Program Can I Use to Make Two Photos Into One?

Popular options for making side-by-side picture compositions include Diptic, Layout for Instagram, and Pic Stitch, all of which are compatible with both the iPhone and Android.

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