How to Mute Call and Text Notifications?

how to mute calls

Do you really just need to answer calls or messages on one of your several OpenPhone numbers? Not an issue!

Any number(s) for which you do not require alerts can be muted. Fantastic, huh? This is how it operates:

You may stop getting any incoming alerts on a certain number by muting it.

The number is still functional for sending and receiving SMS.

Your teammate’s notifications won’t change if you mute a shared number; they will still get calls and messages on that number!

How to Mute Your Phone Number(s) in The Web or Desktop App?

  1. Open the desktop software or go to the web app .
  2. Find the phone numbers that are linked to you on the menu on the left.
  3. Move your cursor over the phone number you want to turn off. Next, choose “…”.
  4. Choose “Mute”.
  5. Select the duration of the phone number’s silence here.

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How to Mute Your Phone Number(s) in The IOS or Android App

  1. From the top left-hand corner, select your account icon.
  2. When “Your numbers” is highlighted, click “Manage”.
how to mute calls

3. Select “Off” by tapping the “Mute phone number” option.

how to mute calls

4. Decide how long you want to mute the phone.

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