How to Organize Your iPhone with Folders?

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Organizing your iPhone and streamlining your usage by placing apps into folders is a smart first step.

I’ve always liked having programs in the same category together, so I was thrilled when iOS started automatically grouping apps in the App Library.

There are two types of iPhone users in the world: those who search for an app by name or those who browse through their folders to find it.

Undoubtedly, I belong to the first category. If you want to join the first group or just have a neat-looking home screen, you need to follow these guidelines.

How to Create iPhone App Folders

Step 1: Hold down the home button on your iPhone until the apps start to jiggle.

When the apps are in Edit mode, where you can move, delete, or group them, they start to jiggle.

Step 2: To group two apps together, hold down one and drag it over to the other.

Select two apps that you wish to group together to begin grouping your apps. As Yale and LG ThinQ are both applications for smart homes, I’ll group them together.

One of the apps you wish to group with another should be held down while being moved until it is hovering over the other.

Step 3: Put the application inside the newly created folder.

Both apps’ folders will be formed; by touching somewhere outside of it, you can rename the folder and leave it.

When reordering, folders act like apps. Hold your home screen once again until the apps start to jiggle, then drag the folder to the new location if you wish to transfer it.

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