How to increase your Snapchat Score or Snapscore

Snapchat score or Snapscore is a measure from the social media platform to rate users’ activities on its platform and we show you an easy method to increase the score.

Snapchat has certainly become one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe. According to, Snapchat has an annual user of 293 million in 2021.

The number might have increased by the time you’re reading this. And the platform has a scoring system that evaluates user activities and provides a score that helps in recognizing very frequent and active users.

Here, we present you with a guide to increase the Snapchat score.

How do Snapchat provide Score to their users?

Snapchat score is the cumulated score by considering a number of factors. The factors responsible for the score are the number of snaps users received and the number of snaps users sent. The number of stories posted also counts in it along with some ‘Other factors’.

Although we are not sure about the ‘Other factors’ but we can definitely assure you the user activities are responsible for better Snapchat score.

Users can find the Snapchat score in their profile itself. After opening Snapchat, you see a Bitmoji Icon on Top-Left corner. Tap on the Profile, and you can see the score.

If you tap on the Score or the Little Ghost Icon, the category-wise break-up of your score will appear.

Users can also check the score of their friends in a similar manner by visiting their profile.

How to increase your Snapchat Score or Snapscore
How to increase your Snapchat Score or Snapscore

How to increase your score?

The easiest way to increase the Snapchat score is by maintaining a daily streak. Users could log in daily to send and receive Snap at least once in 24 hours. Hence, this could help in increasing the Snapstreak in minimal effort.

Snapchat users can expand their circle. Users who have more friends to interact with will definitely earn more Snapchat scores compared to small circle users.

Using Snapchat more often can surely fetch you more points. But keeping the addiction in mind, users can also send Snaps to multiple users at a time to increase the chances of receiving one back.

From the methods mentioned above, the users will definitely increase the chances of fetching more and more Snapchat score.