How to Disable Sidewalk on Ring: How To Stop Echo and Ring Devices from Using Amazon Sidewalk

how to disable sidewalk on ring

When a summer storm knocks out your power, have you ever wondered how you’ll be able to check your web-connected security cameras? The good news is that if your smart devices are covered by Amazon Sidewalk, you’re in luck.

A handful of Amazon’s smart home accessories now have the amazing networking capability called Sidewalk. The Sidewalk signal can be transmitted and received by a number of Amazon products by utilizing the strength and efficiency of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and 900MHz radio spectrum broadcast signals. When your Wi-Fi goes down, Sidewalk takes over to make sure the most crucial components of your web-connected equipment can continue to function as needed.

The setup of suitable smart cameras, doorbells, locks, and other goods is sped up with the assistance of a Sidewalk connection.

Is It Possible to Mute Amazon Sidewalk?

how to disable sidewalk on ring

Amazon Sidewalk, which is enabled by default, is a great emergency network for your Ring devices, but some customers might not want to share limited bandwidth across the zip code. Even if Sidewalk only retrieves a very little quantity of data, the functionality doesn’t necessarily need to be activated.

Here’s how to completely stop Sidewalk networking on a Ring device that is compatible with Sidewalk.

Step 1: Pick up the phone or tablet that has the Ring app loaded and start using it.

Step 2: In the top-left corner of the screen, there is a three-lined menu button. Select Control center after clicking the menu button.

Step 3: Select Sidewalk from the Control Center screen. You’ll be able to turn Sidewalk on or off on the next screen. The Ring app will need your approval when you toggle Sidewalk off.

After your formal confirmation, Sidewalk will be shut down.

Step 4: To turn Sidewalk back on if you change your mind, use the same procedures.

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How Risky Is Amazon Sidewalk?

how to disable sidewalk on ring

Some users might feel a bit nervous with Sidewalk’s network sharing, and that worry is not unwarranted. There is always a slight possibility that the peripheral and your web connection could be targeted by hackers once any web-connected equipment is online.

Fortunately, the Sidewalk development team at Amazon has built Sidewalk to be incredibly protective of your bandwidth and private information. All Sidewalk networks use three strong layers of encryption, ensuring that no transmitted data may be seen by Amazon or other businesses.

Did Amazon Inform Customers that This Was Going On?

According to Amazon, emails about Sidewalk were sent to customers in November and last month. The business claims that when you set up devices that are compatible with Sidewalk, you’ll also receive a notification.

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How Does It Function?

how to disable sidewalk on ring

Amazon is utilizing a number of radio technologies, including LoRa, which is known for its long range and is better known for commercial and industrial uses like tracking cattle that are grazing on pasturelands.

The purpose of this technology, according to Marc Pegulu of chipmaker Semtech, which is collaborating with Amazon on it, is “not to provide coverage for a single residence.” “It’s kind of a shared network, a shared network throughout the community.” Devices linked to the shared network are allegedly able to, among other things, look for the best signal while preserving battery life.

According to Thomas Clausen, a computer science professor at France’s École Polytechnique, the network Amazon is establishing could be beneficial if it is open and accessible because it would make it simpler and less expensive to use internet-connected gadgets and sensors while also inspiring new inventions.

However, he points out that when a giant like Amazon, Apple, Google, or Microsoft develops a platform, they may also end up in control of it, which could impede innovation.

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