How to Increase Interaction with Instagram Collab Posts

how to collab post on instagram

What percentage of Instagram users follow at least one brand? It’s 90%. Because of this, it’s a fantastic platform for expanding your following and reaching the correct audience.

It’s crucial to comprehend how to maximize your efforts while using Instagram for business by utilizing Instagram’s unique characteristics. Instagram Collabs, one of the newest of these tools, lets you co-author content with a collaborator to increase engagement and reach.

We’ll describe how Instagram Collab posts can fit into your social media strategy in this piece.

What Is a Collaborative Instagram Post?

A single, jointly made Feed Post or Reel that simultaneously appears on two profiles is known as an Instagram Collab Post. A single individual publishes the article and asks a second person to contribute. When they agree, both accounts share the post and all of its comments, likes, and shares.

Remember that each post can only have one other collaborator (in addition to you). Additionally, this new feature has not yet included Lives and Stories.

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How Can Brands Gain from Instagram Collab Posts?

Influencers and capital-C Creators have quickly and passionately embraced this Instagram function. It’s a wise idea for brands to enter the fray and test the waters since frequently what benefits the creator also benefits the brand.

Expand Your Reach

Capitalizing on more reach for your brand account may be the lowest-hanging fruit of all. Collabs can help you get into people’s Feeds through the accounts they are already following and regularly engaging with if you feel like you are constantly fighting the Instagram algorithm.

Increased Involvement

Similarly to this, more people discovering your material implies more chances for them to leave comments or participate in other ways with your postings. Even if your collaborator and you have a similar audience, there is a good chance that some of their followers will come from outside of your typical clientele.

More individuals will be able to engage with your content as a result. Remember that uploading your Instagram material at the appropriate moments can dramatically increase this interaction.

Obtain More Fans

It’s common knowledge that it’s much easier to trust someone you already know, like, and trust when they give their recommendation. People are considerably more likely to click on your profile and press the “follow” button when you appear in their feeds with the implicit endorsement of a brand or creative they are currently following than if you merely appeared at random on their Explore page. Building credibility and trust are only one of several strategies for increasing your Instagram following.

Boost Instagram Shopping Sales

Why not incorporate a Collab into your brand’s use of shoppable posts, which is a feature that encourages sales? You can gain from the aforementioned advantages as well as improve your chances of persuading visitors to your post to make a purchase by combining collabs with Instagram purchasing.

How to Instagram Collaborate

An Instagram Collab post is prepared and published in two steps. In the first, the post creator must create the Post or Reel as usual, and in the second, they must ask the collaborator to share it.

  1.  As you typically would, create a feed post or reel.
  2.  Add any modifications and information you like.
  3.  From the post details menu, choose Tag People.
  4. From the menu, choose Invite Collaborator.
  5. After finding the user you wish to work with using the search bar, press Done.
  6.  Complete the post’s description before selecting Share.

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Accepting an Instagram Collaboration Post

It’s time for the collaborator to enter and accept the invitation now that the post has been established.

  1. Go to your activity page
  2. Select the notification for the invitation.
  3. Press Review.
  4. Click Accept.

6 Instagram Collab Post Suggestions for Businesses

You may then wonder, “When and how should I truly use an Instagram Collab?” To help you get started, we’ve gathered a few suggestions and illustrations.

Collaboration with Other Brands

Do you collaborate well with a company that targets a similar demographic? That company might be the ideal Collab candidate. Consider possibilities to cross-promote one another’s content or even host a joint sale. Think about the types of content that both of your audiences would find interesting and useful. Plan how you’re going to build it and then share it with everyone.

Engage Influencers

Influencers frequently have incredibly devoted fans. Creating a series of Instagram Collab Posts with an influencer could help promote your brand. Utilize their devoted audiences and the authority that comes from having their name appear on your account’s posts or Reels.

Make Your Other Accounts Known

Brands frequently have multiple accounts on a given site. Perhaps you have one for a certain product. Perhaps your CEO has a very well-liked personal account. You can simultaneously present the same content to your audience through an Instagram Collab Post. Additionally, there is a good chance that someone who is already following one of your accounts may be interested in following the others as well.

Support a Charity or Nonprofit

According to data from The Sprout Social IndexTM, which reveals that company alignment with an individual’s own values increased in importance by 74% between 2021 and 2022, consumers expect brands to share their values. Brands should, whenever possible, promote values that their target audience cares about in order to increase engagement and loyalty. You may spread awareness of an important subject and show your values in action through an Instagram collaboration. Win-win.

Launch of A New Product

Working with another brand or influencer to advertise your new service or product can provide you access to the combined power of two audiences for your upcoming launch. Joining forces with another account maximizes and leverages the efforts you are already making for all the same reasons as an everyday Instagram Collab Post. Additionally, adding a collaborative element to already-produced content only requires a minor effort.

Promote a Freebie or A Deal

The combined influence of two accounts can also help a promotion for a giveaway or discount. When engagement and conversion are the main objectives, having twice as many followers participate can significantly increase the reach of your campaign.

Include Instagram Collaborative Posts in Your Ongoing Marketing Plan

A crucial component of the expanding creator economy is collaborative posts. Brands must reconsider their social media strategy in light of the growing importance of these relationships. If you need a little assistance with that, we have an article that will walk you through creating a comprehensive Instagram marketing strategy that covers all the bases and positions your company for long-term success.

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