How to Change the Display Settings on A Chromebook?

How to Change the Display Settings on a Chromebook?

This article shows how to customize the display settings on a Chromebook, including screen resolution specifications and visual orientation, or connect to a monitor or TV to mirror the Chromebook display. The instructions are applicable to all Chrome OS devices.

How to Modify Chromebook Display Options

To change the display settings on your smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Chrome web browser.
  2. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu after selecting the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the window.
  3. Go down to the Device section and click on Displays.

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Chromebook Display Alternatives

To make the changes requested, select one of the following options from the Displays menu:

  • Display resolution: Choose a screen resolution. Change the width and height of the Chromebook monitor or external display (in pixels).
  • Modify the default configuration by selecting a different screen orientation.
  • TV alignment: Change the alignment of a television or monitor that is not connected to a computer. When linked to a suitable device, this setting becomes available.
  • Options: There are two possibilities in this section: Begin mirroring and then make primary. Choose to Start mirroring if another device is available to show the Chromebook display on the other device. Choose the Make a primary option to make the currently chosen device the Chromebook’s primary display.

How to Repair Chromebook Screen Mirroring Problems

A flaw in an earlier version of Chrome OS may cause syncing issues with some external displays, therefore make sure the operating system is up to date. An update is ready to install if you see an up-arrow icon beside your account photo in the settings.

To finish the update, click the symbol, then click Restart. Your Chromebook should download updates automatically. Chrome OS, on the other hand, periodically fails to receive updates. Here’s how you can look for an update:

  1. Attach the Chromebook to an internet connection.
  2. Choose the clock in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. To access the settings, click the gear symbol.
  4. Choose About Chrome OS from the hamburger menu.
  5. Check for Updates that should be selected.
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