How to Access icloud Photos?

how to access icloud photos

If you own one or more iOS devices, you likely value the fact that everything is linked together via iCloud.

For instance, any images you capture on your iPhone can be immediately synced across all of your devices. As a result, you can shoot a picture with your phone and view it on your iPad or the iCloud website shortly after.

Although you would need to make sure it is turned on, this iCloud Photos feature ought to function automatically.

Here’s how to enable and access the function if you’re ready to sync your iCloud images across devices.

How to Activate iCloud Photos on An iPad or iPhone

how to access icloud photos

1. Activate the Settings app.

2. Tap Pictures.

3. If iCloud Photos is not already enabled, toggle it on by tapping the button.

4. Do this procedure again for each device you want to sync with iCloud.

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With an iPhone or iPad, how To Access iCloud Photos

how to access icloud photos

1. Start the Pictures app.

2. You should be able to see every picture that was taken with your iPhone or iPad and saved to iCloud.

3. Choose Albums from the bottom menu to view your pictures in both the album and category view.

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How to Retrieve Photos Stored in iCloud on The iCloud Website

1. Launch in a browser.

2. Should you need to, sign in to the service using your Apple ID.

3. Choose Pictures.

4. You should see every photo that has been shot on every iOS and iPad device.

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