How Strong is Kaido? Analysis of Strongest Creature of the World

How Strong is Kaido?
How Strong is Kaido?

If it’s one on one, always bet on Kaido. On land, air, and sea, he is the one who is known as the strongest creature in the world. When Kaido was first introduced in the series, he was regarded as the strongest creature in the world. That holds even in the current story as the beast doesn’t seem to go down anytime soon.

One Piece is an ongoing manga series that has been running for over more than 25 years. It revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, an energetic young boy who aspires to become Pirate King. Luffy sets sail in the Grand Line in search of One Piece along with his crewmates. Let’s discuss how strong is Kaido in One Piece.

How Strong is Kaido?

How Strong is Kaido? His Strength and Status

It won’t be an understatement to say that Kaido is the strongest person in the world of One Piece right and that includes everyone. From admirals to former shicchibukai to the members of the Worst Generation. Kaido is supreme among everyone.

Just imagine the kind of toll his body has taken so far in the battle. First, he fought all the scabbards. Took all of their attacks head-ons and still swiftly defeated all of them. Then he fought all the supernovas on the rooftop. He took attacks from every one of them and still stood tall.

He crushes both Law and Zoro along with Luffy whom he knocked several times. Luffy even after discovering the use of CoC coating wasn’t able to do anything significant against Kaido and the beast threw him into the ocean. And not to forget that he’s doing all this while carrying Onigashima.

After defeating Luffy, he then fought Yamato who is almost on the level of Yonko commanders. Now he’s fighting Luffy in his gear 5th form which is said to be the most ridiculous power in the world. And yet still, Kaido is standing tall without any hint of worry.

How Strong is Kaido?

Kaido’s Devil Fruit

Kaido possesses a Zoan type mythical creature devil fruit which is the rarest type of devil fruit in the world of One Piece. It allows him to turn into a dragon and do pretty much what a dragon is capable of.

Kaido can also use a hybrid form which is his most effective form. It allows him to do everything he could do as a dragon as well as perform other attacks that he does in his base form. However, it’s not the devil fruit that is the prominent tool of the beast, it’s something else.

Kaido’s Haki

Kaido is among the very few people in the world who are capable of using CoC coating. He was the one who made Luffy realize that you can use CoC to coat your attacks. Kaido is a veteran and he certainly knows the true potential of Haki.

That’s the reason why he mentioned that Haki stands supreme above everything. Even Roger didn’t have devil fruit but he was able to conquer the world purely because of Haki. Kaido possesses that level of Haki as well and when you combine it with his deadly devil fruit, it becomes a ridiculous combination.

Can Luffy defeat Kaido? Let us know what you think down below. For more One Piece updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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