How Old Was Papa Jim? Age Died, Real Name, Related to Danny Duncan

how old was papa jim

After Papa Jim’s passing, Danny Duncan has come forward and shared a YouTube video, but how old was he before passing away? Papa Jim became the kind of grandpa that everyone yearned for. Nothing about him was disliked by the public, not even his infatuation with coke as a beverage or the advice he offered.

People were able to see what a happy person Danny was because of him. In addition to frequently appearing in the YouTuber’s videos, he was a familiar sight on his Instagram page.

Papa Jim, Who Was He?

how old was papa jim

On Duncan’s wildly successful channel, Papa Jim would perform pranks like quad biking and skinny dipping. However, despite giving off the impression that he was linked to the YouTube celebrity, he was actually the grandfather of Duncan’s aide, David Tomchinsky.

The identities of his spouse and children are unknown. The Focus said that a death hoax on Papa Jim occurred in 2021 as a result of online reports that he had passed away.

Duncan, who has 6.51 million YouTube subscribers, dispelled the rumors by announcing that the senior was “alive and well” in an Instagram video.

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What Age Was Papa Jim when He Died?

Papa Jim passed away at the age of 92. His death’s exact cause is yet unknown. Danny confirmed Papa Jim’s passing on May 12, even though he only made the video public on May 21.

By posting a number of pictures of himself and Papa Jim on Instagram, Danny had announced the terrible news. “Thank you for all the laughs and priceless memories,” he added. Jim, you are my papa.’

People were sufficiently reminded of Papa Jim’s pleasure, happiness, and activity by the images. He unquestionably demonstrated that “age is just a number.”

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What Caused Papa Jim’s Death?

how old was papa jim

The cause of Papa Jim’s passing is unknown. On May 12, 2022, Duncan posted a heartbreaking message on his Instagram account about the passing of his grandfather. “Thank you for all the laughs and priceless memories,” he wrote in his post. Papa Jim, you have my affection.

He concluded his heartfelt homage by referring to Jim as the “Greatest of All Time” and used a goat emoji. Danny also posted images of the couple in a helicopter and on a motorcycle. Under Duncan’s post, the online sensation has received thousands of tributes.

“Sorry for your loss,” commented George Janko, a fellow YouTuber. While a supporter added: “Adieu, Papa Jim. I’ve always felt wonderful watching movies of Danny Duncan.”

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Testimonials Push on Social Media

Danny broke the internet on May 12 when he announced that Papa Jim had passed away. After the YouTuber posted the video on his site, people soon began to post tribute remarks once more.

Given that Papa Jim has over six million followers, it is not surprising that the tribute films moved viewers to tears.

See the Latest Youtube Video from Danny Duncan

how old was papa jim

Danny uploaded a YouTube video titled “RIP PAPA Jim” on May 21. His fleeting moments were captured in the eight minutes, 23 seconds long video. The opening line of the video features a phrase that many knew Papa Jim by: “Where is my coke?”

The more the video played, the more it became clear how much Papa Jim enjoyed hanging out with the “gang.” Together, they experimented with many things and created memories. Without a question, Papa Jim knew just how to put folks in a good mood.

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