How Old Was Kylie Jenner when She Was Pregnant?

how old was kylie jenner pregnant

American television star, socialite, and entrepreneur Kylie Kristen Jenner. In addition to being the CEO and founder of Kylie Cosmetics, she also starred in the E! reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians from 2007 until 2021. At the moment, she has the third-highest follower count on Instagram.


how old was kylie jenner pregnant

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How Old She Was when She Pregnant

Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child at the young age of 20, but the reality star claims that this was by design.

The beauty mogul discussed her daughter Stormi Webster and parenting in an interview with Paper Magazine.

Jenner told Paper Magazine, “It’s exactly what I wanted… to be a young mom. My mind process was, “This is what I want to accomplish; if people accept it or don’t like it, then I’m okay with every consequence.”

The now-21-year-old mom hid her pregnancy until after Stormi was born on February 1, 2018. She shared fragments of her pregnancy and parenting journey in an 11-minute video diary with the world to announce the birth of her baby.

In a September 2018 interview on the British chat show “Loose Women,” Caitlyn Jenner addressed the issue of Kylie’s young age as a mother.

When [Kylie] thought about starting a family, she pictured herself doing it at an early age. “She’s fortunate enough to be in a position where she can have a child and provide a good life for the kid,” Jenner remarked. Waiting is for the best, and there’s no need to hurry. At 29, when I had my first child, I thought I had everything figured out.

Stormi Scott, whose father is a rapper, took her first steps when she was 11 months old, according to Kylie Jenner.

Over the past year, the mother has been extremely open about her daughter. Inspired by her father’s Astroworld tour, Jenner threw her daughter a spectacular first birthday celebration, which she dubbed Stormiworld.

She also put an end to speculation that she and Scott were secretly engaged or married.

how old was kylie jenner pregnant

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How Did Kylie Break the News that She Was Expecting Her Second Child?

Kylie has confirmed her pregnancy after weeks of media speculation. In August, a source told PEOPLE that Kylie is “happy about her little baby bulge and has been showing it off to pals.”

She posted a video to Instagram, tagging Travis Scott in it, in which she announced her pregnancy.

In the next 90 seconds, she shares with her audience an ultrasound clip and Stormi’s excitement at her new role as an older sibling.

After this, a scene of Stormi giving her mother Kris Jenner an envelope containing scans of her artwork is shown. After asking, “are you pregnant?” Jenner became emotional, declaring, “this is one of the happiest days of my life.”

Jenner then provides up-close views of her expanding belly, a further ultrasound, and what appears to be a birthday party for Jenner on August 10th, when she and Travis are surrounded by relatives and candles in a garden.

The last video shows Jenner leaning against a wall while wearing a black jumpsuit with a tummy cutout. Stormi tells the camera, “Baby,” while kissing her mother’s pregnant belly.

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