How Old Is Richard Kind? Age, Childhood, Career and Personal Life

how old is richard kind

Known for his appearances as Dr. Mark Devanow in Mad About You (1992–1999), Paul Lassiter in Spin City (1996–2002), Andy in Curb Your Enthusiasm (2002–2021), and Arthur in A Serious Man, Richard Bruce Kind (born November 22, 1956) is an American actor and comedian (2009).  Kind is also well-known for his voice work in several Pixar movies, including Inside Out (2010), Toy Story 3 (2010), A Bug’s Life (1998), and the first two installments of the Cars trilogy (2006–2011). (2015). Marty Glouberman is portrayed by Kind in the Netflix animated comedy Big Mouth (2017-present). In 2013’s Broadway production of The Big Knife, he was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his portrayal of Marcus Hoff.

Early Childhood & Life

how old is richard kind

Richard Kind was born into a Jewish household on November 22, 1956, in Trenton, New Jersey. His mother Alice was a housewife, and his father Samuel Kind was a jeweler. Joanna is their younger sister of Richard. As of 2022, Richard Kind, who was born on November 22, 1956, will be 65 years old. He stands 1.85 m tall and weighs 76 kg.

His family relocated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, when he was in the fourth grade, and he attended Pennsbury High School there. Later, he enrolled in Evanston, Illinois’s “Northwestern University.”

He joined the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law Fraternity, a group for undergraduate students interested in law, during his time in college.

The kind made the decision to take a year off and concentrate on acting rather than pursuing a law degree. He joined “The Second City,” which is renowned for its training programs in improvisational theatre and comedic writing

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how old is richard kind

Before landing his first part on the big screen, Richard Kind spent ten years performing on stages. As a member of the comic group “The Second City” and the “Practical Theatre Company,” he launched his acting career. He occasionally appeared in TV advertisements and promos.

In 1985, he appeared in the television film “Two Fathers’ Justice” for the first time. But in 1990, he joined the cast of Carol Burnett’s sketch comedy series “Carol & Company,” where he played a variety of roles, and that was when he got his big break. Between March 1990 and July 1991, he made an appearance in 31 episodes of the program.

He was cast as “Dr. Mark Devanow” in the 1992 season of the NBC sitcom “Mad About You.” One of the most significant turning points in Kind’s career was the well-liked show, which aired from 1992 to 1999 and featured Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt in the key roles.

While “Mad About You” was still on the air in 1996, Kind landed the lead role in the American TV comedy “Spin City.” From 1996 through 2002, he portrayed press secretary Paul Lassiter on the show, and he won numerous awards for it.

In a number of well-known television series, he has made guest appearances as well as regular roles. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scrubs, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Two and a Half Men, Luck, Sesame Street, The Good Wife, Drop Dead Diva, Glee, Young Sheldon, etc. are just a few of the noteworthy roles he has played.

Although he had a great cinematic career, his love for the theatre never diminished, and he gave several standout performances on stage. He has performed in “The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife,” “Sly Fox,” “The Producers,” and “The Big Knife” on Broadway (2013).

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Bigger Works

how old is richard kind

Most people are familiar with Richard Kind from his role as Dr. Mark Devanow on the sitcom “Mad About You.” He received a “Tony Award” nomination for his performance in “The Big Knife,” a Broadway production (2013).

In the 2012 film “Argo,” which took home the “Academy Award” for best picture, Kind had a significant part. Additionally, he was in the Oscar-nominated movie “A Serious Man” (2009).

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Personal & Family Life

how old is richard kind

Dana Stanley and Richard Kind were wed in 1999. Three children in total—two daughters and a son—were born into the marriage. Skyler is the name of their oldest daughter, while Samantha and Max are the names of their younger twins.

George Clooney, a close friend of his, served as best man at his wedding. Kind was hired to handle the casting for the 2002 film “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” by a well-known Hollywood actor.

There were rumors that Richard Kind and Dana Stanley were getting a divorce in 2016. Dana’s alleged infidelity was said to be the root of the argument. The couple elected to keep quiet about the situation, though, and nothing came of it.

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