How Old Is Priscilla Block? Age, Early Years, Family, Dating and Many More:

how old is priscilla block

Priscilla Block is an American country music singer-songwriter who was born on August 11, 1995. She relocated to Nashville, Tennessee after finishing high school in order to pursue a career in the country music industry. Block produced a song in 2020, and it was uploaded to her Tik Tok account. It then becomes widely known. She was given a contract with Mercury Nashville when Nashville music industry professionals heard her song “Just About Over You.” “Just About Over You,” which was made available as a single, peaked at number one on the American country music chart in 2021.

When Was Priscilla Block Born?

how old is priscilla block

Priscilla Block was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, on August 11, 1995. She is currently, it appears, 26 years old. In addition, when it comes to her nationality, she is American. In a similar vein, she is of white ethnicity. Her sign is the lion (Leo).

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Early Years

how old is priscilla block

Block is one of five kids and a native of Raleigh, North Carolina. She grew up “very close” to her family, said Block. She recalled spending a lot of time outside as a child with her family in a Sounds Like Nashville interview. She wanted to be a country singer since she was a young child. She told Songwriter Universe, “I was going to move to Nashville and achieve this dream, and everyone looked at me like I was insane.” She started playing the guitar at a young age as well. Block started giving performances in the state of North Carolina, including at Raleigh’s Deep South Bar.

She relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014 to further her career aspirations in the country music sector. After adjusting to her new surroundings, Block performed a variety of odd jobs to support herself. Block struggled in her early years in Nashville and thought about returning to her hometown. She met Taylor Swift by happenstance one day while she was crossing a street in Nashville. Swift halted the vehicle and welcomed the woman inside. She said, “I really needed to give music a fair go and do this thing, and it was the day that I finally determined to do it.”

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Priscilla Block’s Parents, Siblings, and Extended Family

how old is priscilla block

In terms of her family, Block hails from a caring and understanding one. Her father, Brett Block, gave birth to her. However, there is no additional information on either of her parents. Currently, just her father’s name is known. Well, we don’t know her mother’s identity or her occupation.

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She Is Single, Right? Who Does She Date?

At the moment, there are no rumors or titles concerning her romantic life. She might therefore be single. In addition, Priscilla keeps a lot of her personal information to herself. She has kept her love life’s specifics a secret for this reason. In the past, her affectionate life has never been a problem. So yet, nothing is known about her dating life.

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