How Old Is Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid? Disney’s the Little Mermaid Set Photos Reveal King in The Role of Prince Eric.

how old is prince eric in the little mermaid

The movie was not merely a huge financial success; it also became a craze in popular culture. Kids today are obsessed with Frozen in the same way that a previous generation was enthralled by Ariel, Sebastian, and Ursula. We spent so much time as children imagining the characters from The Little Mermaid that we wanted to know where they would be now.

As of right now, we are aware that Disney released The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea as a direct-to-video sequel in 2000. It recounts the endearing tale of Melody, Ariel’s daughter. Morgana, Ursula’s sister, briefly turns her into a mermaid, but everyone comes together to rescue the day, and she uses King Triton’s trident to break down the barrier dividing mermaids and humans, yadda yadda yadda… However, as a wise man once said, “That’s crap.” Disney’s attempt to fleece us will be disregarded. Instead, depending on where we left those characters in the movies 25 years ago, we’ll make an educated guess as to where they might be today.

Prince Eric’s Age in The Little Mermaid

how old is prince eric in the little mermaid

In accordance with the official novelization of the movie, Eric was two years older than Ariel in the movie because he had just turned 18. In the original movie and Kingdom Hearts II, Eric is voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, in the prequel television series by Jeff Bennett, and in the direct-to-video sequel by Rob Paulsen.

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His Priorities Are Completely Misaligned.

Do you recall the scene in the movie where Eric, er, nearly perished in a shipwreck? He awakens in a dazed state when Ariel brings him back to land and sings to him. As soon as he becomes fully conscious, his first goal is to identify the attractive singing girl (even though most people would assume the whole thing was a hallucination). Is he worried about the well-being of his shipmates? Nope! He merely desires to track down the beach chick. I can’t.

He Was Unconcerned About Ariel’s Origins.

how old is prince eric in the little mermaid

Why didn’t this guy care that Ariel was without a voice, a place to stay, or a way to get clothes other than a shipwreck? He’s obviously too preoccupied with trying to swerve the girl with the killer pipes to care about anything else. Ugh.

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He Never Realised how Unsettling This Was.

Once more, why didn’t certain facts concerning Ariel raise questions? Although Eric might have called a doctor or something, he essentially said, “I’d rather just stare at this girl’s face.” Ew.

He Substituted Ursula for Ariel.

how old is prince eric in the little mermaid

Evidently, Eric has two requirements for a partner: physical attractiveness and a pleasing singing voice. Eric said “Bye” to our favorite flame-haired Disney princess the moment Ursula arrived with Ariel’s voice in tow and was then going to wed Ursula. WTF?

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When Ariel Regained Her Voice, Eric Said, “let’s Be Married.”

Eric is all, once Ariel can sing again “Oh, OK. I’ll probably put a ring on it.” Did this man ever think about asking this woman out on a date before proposing to her? Did he ever consider that it might be a good idea to bring up the fact that his new bae spent the majority of her life as a half-fish living under the sea? I simply cannot.

Eric, I’m sorry. Even while I still like The Little Mermaid, this prince was undoubtedly anything but endearing.

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