How Old Is Norm Abram? Age, Net Worth, Career, Educational History and Many More You Need to Know

how old is norm abram

American carpenter, author, and television host Norman L. Abram was born on October 3, 1949. He is best known for his work on the PBS television series This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop. He is an accomplished carpenter who has written numerous books and articles on the subject.

Educational History

how old is norm abram

In Milford, Abram attended high school. The next step was for him to enroll in a Mechanical Engineering course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He moved to business administration, nevertheless, because he didn’t find the theoretical engineering classes intriguing. He joined the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity while he was a student.

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The Net Worth of Norm Abram

Full name Norm L. Abram
Age 72
Date of Birth October 3rd, 1949
Place of Birth Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Profession Television Host, Carpenter
Net worth $3 million
Wife Elise Hauenstein
Kids 2
Height Undisclosed
Weight Unknown
Zodiac Sign Libra

The reality television star and American carpenter Norm Abram has a $2.5 million dollar net worth. Norm Abram was raised in Milford, Massachusetts, after being born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He received his degree from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where he also studied business administration and mechanical engineering. After graduating, he started working for a construction company. Three years later, he created Integrated Structures, Inc., his own construction business.

He constructed a modest barn for television producer Russell Morash in 1979. His ability to build things impressed Mr. Morash so much that he offered him the position of chief carpenter on the “This Old House” television show he was creating for PBS. Since then, he has appeared on the popular program. Additionally, he spent 21 years as the lead of the spin-off series “The New Yankee Workshop.” He has written eight books about carpentry and has made guest appearances on “Between the Lions” and “Ace of Cakes,” among other programs.

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Norm Abram’s Line of Work

how old is norm abram

What is Norm Abrams now doing? Abram is an accomplished writer, host, and craftsman. After completing his education, he was hired by a significant construction company in New England. He was employed by the company for three years, and because of his hard work, he was promoted to site supervisor.

Who Is Norm Abram’s Spouse?

Abram has already had two marriages. His first marriage ended in divorce in 1996 to Laura Cone. They split up, but the reason why is still a mystery. However, the TV personality and Laura Cone have a daughter together named Lindsey. He wed Elise Hauenstein in 1999, and the two have been together ever since. They have a child, but because she cherishes seclusion, not much is known about him or her. Potter Elise Hauenstein is an expert.

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Info on Norm Abram’s Career

how old is norm abram

The handyman’s profile states that he started his career at his own pace. He had recently earned a bachelor’s degree and was putting it to good use by managing sites for a building company. But in 1976, he got tired of having to answer to anyone and started his own contracting business.

After a few contracts here and there, Russell Morash, a television producer, hired Abram for a position that would shape the rest of his career. Russell gave him a television casting job in the This Old House series after noticing his great work.

In 1989, Norm was hosting a spin-off program called The New Yankee Workshop because the camera adored him. This Old House continues to air on PBS with fresh episodes even though the latter ceased in 2009 after a total of 21 seasons.

The Master Carpenter was the first recipient of the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s EyeSmart Distinguished Service Award in 2009 for his skill. Additionally, he was the recipient of the Ken Burns Lifetime Achievement Award for Filmmaking in February 2018. He teaches the following generation a lot of vital information overall.

Norm Abrams Losing Weight

Norm Abram has not publicly acknowledged his condition, thus it is quite private. However, the reality program host was said to have cancer, according to rumors. His fan observed that he made few appearances on the program and that he had a sickly appearance. His health is probably not ideal right now. The presence or absence of cancer in the TV host is unknown, though.

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