How Old Is Larry the Cat? He Will Remain at 10 Downing Street, how Old Is He?

how old is larry the cat

Since 2011, Larry, a domestic cat, has been Chief Mouser at the UK Cabinet Office at 10 Downing Street. He’s a brown and white tabby cat who was presumably born in January 2007. He had gained a reputation for being “aggressive” in his contacts with other neighborhood mice by July 2016, when Theresa May became prime minister, especially when it came to Palmerston, the much younger cat that resides in the Foreign Office.

When Was Larry the Cat Born?

how old is larry the cat

15 years old, or 76 years in human years, is Larry the Cat’s age. David Cameron, a former prime minister, initially got the sage old cat from the Battersea Cats and Dogs home when he was four years old. The cat is renowned for his astute judgment.

After being adopted, he soon began to man the famous Downing Street door from his perch on the windowsill, where he keeps a watch on hounding news personnel and scans visiting foreign dignitaries. Larry, who has interacted with numerous notable international leaders, typically dislikes men, although he forged a close friendship with former US President Barack Obama.

According to the Downing Street website, Larry the cat is a civil servant whose responsibilities include “welcoming visitors to the home, reviewing security defenses, and evaluating the napping quality of antique furniture.

His daily duties also include thinking of a way to deal with the mice infestation in the residence. This is still “in the tactical planning stage,” according to Larry. “He has won the hearts of the Great British public, and news teams frequently slept outside the front door,” the government claims. In response, the country daily sends him presents and sweets.

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Larry the Cat of Downing Street, Who Is He?

Former Prime Minister David Cameron adopted Larry the Downing Street cat from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in 2011. Since then, Larry has lived permanently in Number 10.

Three prime ministers, including David Cameron, Theresa May, and the outgoing Boris Johnson, have been kept safe by the dependable cat. But if advertisements on billboards in London are any indication, Larry soon expects he’ll be in charge of the cabinet.

Why Is Larry Running for Prime Minister?

how old is larry the cat

  • In Hackney, Peckham, and Shepherd’s Bush Roundabout, billboards promoting Larry as the future prime minister have appeared.
  • Along with Truss and Sunak, they feature Larry in an election poster. There are also standalone images of Larry with a Union Jack dickie bow.
  • One billboard poster with the caption “Larry for Leader” was posted on Larry’s social media page. It features Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.
  • On Larry’s Twitter page, the image was posted along with the caption “Dreams may come true…” and the hashtags #YesWeCat and #Larry4Leader.

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The Posters for Larry the Cat Were Created by Whom?

Don’t Panic is the organization in charge of Larry’s campaign.

In order to spread awareness of the Downing Street cat, they have also established the website

The mocking website wonders why “160,000 Tories get to pick for 67 million people? (And 34 million pets!)” and lists all of Larry’s demands, including “treats (when you dangle a feather)”.

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The Complete “meow-Festo” of Larry Contains Such Regulations As:

how old is larry the cat

Treats (when you dangle a feather).
Prudent hiss-cal policy.

  • Wet food for every cat, meals for every child.
  • When boxes are ready for recycling, cats decide.
  • No more gatherings on Downing Street without Larry.
  • The only candidate with spotless paws is him.
  • Political catfights must stop. Only civil and calm conversation, please.
  • Regulation and decriminalization of catnip markets.
  • Only on a soft cushion should you lie down in room number 10.
  • Demonstrating to the population that the current political system is not democratic or fair and that it is not only outmoded but also harmful for 160,000 people to decide the future of our nation.
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