How Old Is George Takei? An Actor, Politician, and Activist, Is Born

how old is george takei

Hosato Takei, better known by his stage name George Takei, was an American actor, author, and activist. He was born on April 20, 1937. In the television series Star Trek and its accompanying motion pictures, he played the part of Hikaru Sulu, the captain of the fictional spacecraft USS Enterprise.

Takei was raised in internment camps controlled by the United States during World War II alongside his Japanese-American parents. He started acting in college, which led to him getting the part of Sulu in 1965 and playing it again in the 1990s. He became a well-known advocate for LGBT rights and engaged in state and local politics after coming out as gay in 2005. He has been an outspoken supporter of immigrant rights, in part due to his involvement on the 2012 Broadway production Allegiance about the internment process.

For his work on human rights and connections between Japan and the United States, especially his involvement with the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, California, Takei has received numerous honors and awards.

When Was George Takei Born?

how old is george takei

The 85-year-old Angeleno is still active in the entertainment sector. Many people are familiar with the actor from the Star Trek movie series because he played Hikaru Sulu. According to his official website, he has over 40 feature film credits and a career that has lasted more than 50 years.

Takei belongs to a number of famous acting organizations, including the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the Screen Actors Guild, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the Actors’ Equity Association.

Takei, according to Variety, has claimed that during WWII in the United States, he and his family were interned alongside an estimated 120,000 other Japanese Americans. The actor spent a significant portion of his formative years at Camp Rohwer in Arkansas. His family went back to their Los Angeles house after the war.

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Early Years

how old is george takei

On April 20, 1937, Hosato Takei was given the name George Takei in Los Angeles, California. His father had a dry cleaning shop before opening a grocery store and then entering the real estate sector. His parents, Fumiko and Takekuma, were Japanese-Americans. Armed soldiers forcibly removed the family from their home following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and they were taken to the Rohwer War Relocation Center, an internment camp in Arkansas. Later, the Tule Lake War Relocation Center in California received the Takei’s. During World War II, several of George’s ancestors lived in Japan, and the bombing of Hiroshima claimed the lives of an aunt and a young cousin.

The Takei family was released from the internment camp in 1945 when the war came to an end, but because they no longer had a place to live, a place to work, or money in the bank, they were forced to live on Skid Row until 1950. George attended Mount Vernon Junior High School before attending and graduating from Los Angeles High School, where he served as President of the Boys Division.

He majored in architecture at the University of California, Berkeley before transferring to the University of California, Los Angeles, where he later earned a Master of Arts in drama and a Bachelor of Arts in theatrical. He graduated with both degrees in 1960. Takei also attended classes at the Desilu Workshop in Hollywood, the Sophia University in Tokyo, and the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

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George Takei Is He Wed?

  • Takei and his husband, Brad Takei, have been married for 14 years.
  • The ceremony took place on September 14, 2008.
  • Takei and Brad don’t have any kids together.
  • Brad, who is now 68 years old, was born on February 25, 1954.
  • Brad, who is most known for producing Star Trek Phase II, also contributed to Star Trek (2004).

Individual Life

how old is george takei

George came out as gay in 2005, and on September 14, 2008, he wed Brad Altman in a Buddhist ceremony at the Japanese American National Museum’s Democracy Forum in Los Angeles. Takei and Brad won $10,000 for the museum on an episode of “The Newlywed Game” in 2009; Takei is a co-founder and trustee of the museum.

George started working as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign in 2013, acting as the face of their “Coming Out Project” and starting a “Equality Trek” nationwide speaking tour. Takei finished second to David Cunningham Jr. in the 1973 Los Angeles City Council election. Later, Tom Bradley, the mayor of Los Angeles, named Takei to the board of directors of the Southern California Rapid Transit District.

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Former model and actor Scott R. Brunton, in a 2017 interview with “The Hollywood Reporter,” charged George with drugging and groping him in 1981. “Non-consensual activities are so contrary to my principles and my practices, the whole concept that someone would accuse me of this is pretty profoundly hurtful,” Takei said in response to Brunton’s accusation.

Toxicologists said that based on Brunton’s account of events, he most likely suffered from postural hypotension, not a drugged drink and that he later revised his tale to say he didn’t genuinely remember George touching his genitalia. In May 2018, Takei publicly pardoned Brunton.

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