How Old Is Eddie Munson? What Age Difference Exists Between Him and The Actor from Stranger Things?

how old is eddie munson

We saw some really amazing interactions between our favorite couples and duos in Stranger Things 4. Additionally, it introduced us to a few fresh relationships, such as the unexpected combination of Eddie, the “freak,” the chairman of the Hellfire Club, and Chrissy, the popular girl, top cheerleader, and Jason Carver’s girlfriend.

When Eddie and Chrissy meet in the woods for the drug trade in the very first episode, they develop an unexpected bond. Fans have been imagining what a cute couple they may have been ever since their adorable dialogue, takes place between them.

Fans have continued to ship “Edssy” despite the fact that their tragic deaths mean we’ll never know whether or not their endearing friendship would have developed into anything more in the future.

Eddie Munson from Stranger Things Is How Old?

Eddie’s precise age is unknown, however, it’s assumed that he’s between 19 and 20. Like Nancy and Steve, he is a senior in high school, but he has claimed that he has had to retake senior year a few times. People often graduate from high school in the United States at the age of 17 or 18. Eddie has therefore had to repeat senior year twice if he has to do it more than once. He must be 19 or 20 years old based on this.

Therefore, Joseph Quinn is nearly ten years older than his persona. I will add, though, that he portrays a young adult who is incredibly credible.

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Chrissy Cunningham’s Age in Stranger Things 4 Is?

Chrissy was introduced as Hawkins High’s head cheerleader, which would make her a senior according to her character description. She may be a member of the 1986 graduating class, making her age between 17 and 18 according to her necklace, which reads “86.” (She’s not 16, as some fans mistakenly believed.)

Chrissy’s birthdate appears to be listed as June 13, 1968 (6/13/68) in her file in Ms. Kelley’s office. According to that information, Chrissy would be 17 in March 1986 and become 18 a few months later.

However, Chrissy’s age was confirmed by Grace Van Dien (who plays Chrissy) after she shared a screenshot from the casting call she received for her audition in 2019. All other Chrissy casting calls state that she is 18 years old.

Fans have also brought up the fact that Eddie and Chrissy attended middle school together as a factor in their age difference. They can only be two or three years apart in age, based on that particular feature.

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Eddie Munson, a Lovable Metalhead from “stranger Things,” Is Honored

Eddie Munson from Stranger Things is undoubtedly the star of the moment thanks to his capacity to simultaneously delight fervent TikTokers by creating girlfriend POV films and renowned heavy metal bands. Eddie, portrayed by newcomer Joseph Quinn, enters the scene halfway through Stranger Things 4’s premiere episode like a surge spike through an amp.

Eddie is all flowing locks and BDE as he holds court in the high school cafeteria, backed by his fellow Dungeons & Dragons players known as The Hellfire Club. He stomps around in worn-out Reeboks and speaks about how society rejects youths like him, alluding to the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three, which Eddie is roughly based on. Xanax Generic

His explosive entrance is capped off by his parody of the cruel jocks with an extremely gifable devil horns face, which is followed by exaggerated grace and an impish grin as he stands aside for two cheerleaders to pass by. Co-creator Ross Duffer asked, “How can you not like Eddie?’ He’s so magnetic.”

Eddie is fascinating for more reasons than just his swagger, though. He has an intense physicality that is a mix between Steven Tyler in his prime and a rowdy youngster. Throughout the course of the season, Eddie climbs on hazards that could actually kill him in the Upside Down and get a little too cozy with Steve Harrington (Joe Keery).

His hands, a region of his body that is undoubtedly sexy (just ask TikTok), are adorned with a range of no-nonsense rings that Quinn supported. He enjoys gesticulating while doing this. Eddie also loves tattoos, and during their encounter in the woods, he casually pulls the neckline of his shirt down so that Chrissy Cunningham, the ghostly queen of Hawkins High (Grace Van Dien), can see the ones on his chest. Slutty move, to be honest.

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