How Old Is Diego Costa? After Revealing Joao Felix Call, Bruno Lage Hopes “old Diego Costa” Can Give Wolves a Bite.

how old is diego costa

Diego da Silva Costa (born 7 October 1988) is a professional football player who plays as a striker for Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers and the Spain national team. His Spanish and Portuguese names are Diego da Silva Costa and Diego Costa, respectively.

Costa started playing football at his home in Brazil before transferring to Braga in 2006 at the age of 17. Despite spending time on loan at Penafiel, he never featured for the team. The following year, he signed with Atlético Madrid. He spent time on loan with Braga, Celta Vigo, and Albacete during the following two seasons. His performance led to a 2009 transfer to Real Valladolid, a fellow La Liga team, where he lasted one season and was their top scorer before returning to Atlético Madrid. Atlético’s Costa struggled to keep him in a regular starting position, so he spent additional time on loan, this time at Rayo Vallecano, where he ended up becoming the team’s top scorer that year.

Age of Diego Costa

how old is diego costa

On October 7, 1988, Diego Costa was born. Diego Costa is 33 years old, as it is stated in the Diego Costa Biography table. Diego Costa was born among notable individuals.

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Diego Costa’s Dimensions

Anyone curious about Diego Costa’s height might look in this section. According to the renowned people, Diego Costa is 86 pounds and is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Young Age and Childhood


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Diego da Silva Costa was born into a big family in the Brazilian town of Lagarto. Diego, a future soccer player, son Jair, and daughter Talita were raised by the parents.

The boy developed an early interest in sports. The distance from Diego’s home to the “Bola de Ouro” soccer academy was around 40 minutes. Diego made the trip every day, in all weather, and occasionally used his brother’s bicycle to get there on time. Actually, it wasn’t the school; instead, a proper soccer field was forbidden by the poor farming town’s administration. Boys practiced in the sand streets, where occasionally, cars would drive by.

Diego was a big boy; he is now 188 cm tall and weighs 83 kg. The instructor noticed the newcomer’s talent, exceptional endurance, and physics and placed him with the older kids’ group. The child began honing his striker skills as a result.

The youngster was unpleasant and argumentative, according to José de Jesus, Diego’s father, who recalled that Diego had always displayed hostility both at home and on the field. If he noticed a side glance or an action that, in his eyes, was inappropriate, he would slap the person in the face, curse, or lose it.

The sportsman’s nature hasn’t really altered; Costa still talks back and makes a scene during international games. Because of this, when Diego enters a field, cheerleaders do not think twice to raise their middle fingers in greeting.

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A Club Career

how old is diego costa

Diego Costa changed clubs frequently in the early stages of his professional career. But he consistently played the striker’s position. Costa played for seven different soccer teams. He spent six months as a reserve player in Braga before being loaned to the Portuguese team Penafiel.

The young guy joined Atletico Madrid in December 2006 as number 18; the transfer fee was €1,5 million. He was loaned out to Braga, where he scored the first UEFA goal, therefore he did not stay with the Spanish club for very long.

The Brazilian played in Spain’s Celta de Vigo for the 2007–2008 season before moving on to Albacete. The athlete had tried out for a number of clubs. He ultimately made a home in Atletico in 2012, where he achieved success and respect by becoming the team’s most productive striker. The player made it possible for Spain to win the Primera División and go to the UEFA Champions League final.

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A career in National Teams

The athlete made his national team debut for Brazil in 2013. Diego received an invitation to play for Spain, whose national team was the best in the world, in six months. Costa accepted the offer formally without giving it much thought.

He presented an explanation for his choice, saying that Spain had given him everything. People in Lagarto, the player’s hometown where he was born and raised, talked about their countryman’s action: some accused him of treachery, while others backed him since he could make the modest community renowned.

The Spanish team hasn’t won a significant competition since that time. Without progressing past the group stage, it was eliminated from the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Costa participated in two games during Euro 2016 in France, assisting the group to advance to the round of 16. The forward wears the number 19.

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Private Life

how old is diego costa

Diego Costa’s personal life is not well known since he avoids talking about it in interviews and instead focuses on his job, which appears to be praising the teams he represents. The only images on his Instagram page are soccer-related.

It is well known that the Brazilian dated top model Michelle Zuanne in the past. Journalists were notified about the forward’s infidelity and split by the girlfriend. The young couple first met in 2010 at a party, and things moved quickly: Diego made dinner for the girl and showered her with gifts and flowers.

Michele claims that Costa started picking up her sister. Later, Suanne learned the sportsman had broken up with his ex-girlfriend as soon as he found out she was expecting. The model chose to separate after hearing this information.

Diego Costa contributes money to the local sports academy where he first learned to play soccer. The school can now accommodate 230 students, including some who arrived from different parts of Brazil, thanks to the former pupil’s financial support.

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