How Old Is Daenerys in Season 1? Exactly how Old Are the Game of Thrones Characters?

how old is daenerys in season 1

When the series premiered, Daenerys was roughly 17 years old. According to reports, Dany was born during Robert’s Rebellion, which took place 17 years prior. She is now on Game of Thrones, and she is roughly 24.

How Does Season 1 of Got End, Too?

how old is daenerys in season 1

Ned is interested in learning who killed Jon Arryn, his predecessor. His predecessor perished trying to disclose the sinister secrets about the powerful Lannister family, which includes Robert’s queen, Cersei. … Viserys dies at the end of the season, and Daenerys ascends to the position of Mother of Dragons.

How old are the Starks in Season 1 also? Seventeen years have passed since Robert’s Rebellion when the TV series takes place. The Stark children are all around three years older than they are in the books, which start fourteen years later. Robb and Jon are 17 instead of 14, turning 15 this year, Bran is 10 instead of 7, and Rickon’s age is raised from 3 to 6.

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In Season 1, how Old Is Daenerys?

Daenerys Targaryen is undoubtedly the most influential person in Westeros because she is the Mother of Dragons. She is the monarch of the seven kingdoms and the daughter of the Mad King. She is the ruler of Meereen and the mother of three dragons. How old is she, though? From Daenerys Targaryen’s initial appearance on the show until her passing, we shall talk about her age throughout the entire season.

She was barely a teenager when she was chosen to marry Drogo in season 1, when she was between 16 and 17 years old. The Daenerys characters have aged a little bit in the series to better conform to moral norms for international transmission. When she marries Drogo in the book, she is significantly younger.

Has Khaleesi Had Her Child?

how old is daenerys in season 1

But he succeeds in killing Mago. By this time, Daenerys is expecting a child and asks Mirri Maz Duur, an Essos native who was skilled in blood magic, to aid in his rescue. When she wakes up, she discovers that Rhaego, her child, has been lost and that Mirri’s blood magic has rendered Khal Drogo unconscious.

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Daenerys’ Age in Season 2:

The character was roughly 18 years old in season 2. After Khal Drogo’s passing in season 1, she underwent significant alteration. Based on her husband’s commitment to her in the first season, the young woman has developed the following goal:

In the second season, Daenerys spends the majority of her time in the city of Qarth, where she continues her search for allies who can aid her in taking the Iron Throne. She taught her dragons how to breathe fire for the first time after they were briefly taken during the season.

Daenerys’ Age in Season 3:

how old is daenerys in season 1

Daenerys should be between 19 and 20 years old in season 3. In Essos city, we saw her ascend to power. She traveled to Astapor, a region of Essos, and attempted to procure Unsullied soldiers. Later, she set them free and gave them the opportunity to fight beside her as free men, not as slaves. Later, when she reached Yunkai, she released the slaves.

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Daenerys’ Age in Season 4:

In season 4, she may have been a little older than 20, but not much. Going to Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen swiftly overcame the city. But until she could actually free the slaves, she made the decision to reign as queen of Slaver’s Bay. Because the slaves are too accustomed to being one and have actively reversed, Astapor and Yunkai have returned to being slave cities.

She also had to bind Rhaegal and Viserion, two of her dragons. The trio, which has expanded significantly, now attacks people. The mother of dragons didn’t see any other way to keep their appetite or aggression in check because controlling them was too difficult at the time.

Daenerys’ Age in Season 5:

how old is daenerys in season 1

Season 5’s events should take place when Daenerys is 21 years old. She first mounted Drogon this season after becoming embroiled in a melee in Mereen. Even though Drogon was severely hurt, he was nevertheless able to remove Dany from the combat arena. He led her to a wide valley, where she was afterward encircled by Dothrakis who had deserted her after Khal Drogo’s passing.

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