How Old Is Anna Shay? The Unbelievable Facts About Anna Shay of Bling Empire

how old is anna shay

It shouldn’t be surprising that many Bling Empire supporters identify as Team Anna supporters. Anna Shay has continued to dazzle viewers of the Netflix hit after two seasons with both her refreshing candor and her ability to ignore her wealth. We could go on and on about how, after the second season, viewers of the show solidified their love for her, but we’ll save that “Anna love fest” discussion for another time.

Even though the heiress is on a reality program, there is still a sense of mystery surrounding her despite how many people like her. We’ve looked into her family’s history to learn a little more about her in an effort to get to know her a little better. We also discovered some interesting information about the family and a few interesting things, such as what she does with her Bling Empire check.

Anna Shay, How Old Is She?

Age 61 is Anna Shay’s. She apparently was born in 1960, and on December 31, 2020, she turned 60.

It makes sense that Anna is the one the other cast members turn to for counsel given that they are all much younger, including Kelly Mi Li, Kevin Kreid, and Kim Lee. Well, Christine perhaps not…

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The Father of Anna Shay?

The daughter of billionaires Edward Shay and Ai-San Shay, Anna is an heiress.

Her parents acquired their riches from the sale of military hardware, and Edward founded Pacific Architects and Engineers in 1955.

While Edward Lost Away in 1995, Anna’s Mother Died in 2015.

The Shay family makes its money from selling weaponry, and Anna is an heiress with a net worth of $600 million.

Sorry, but were you hoping for anything less extravagant? The richest cast member of Bling Empire is Anna Shay, who reportedly has a net worth of $600 million. She is so wealthy that Anna acknowledged after season one that she had been delaying cashing Netflix checks because she “didn’t know what to do” with the money.

She is an heiress since her late rich father, Edward Shay, founded the defense contractor Pacific Architects and Engineers. She is described as “very incredibly affluent” and the source of her wealth on the program. Kane stated in season one, “Her father traded bombs, guns, defense technology, and is worth a few billion.” Anna and her brother sold their father’s company for $1.2 billion back in 2006. Quite a good day.

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She has never held a job in her life.

It is quite on-brand for Anna to have publicly acknowledged never having worked a day in her life. It’s not shocking at all given how wealthy her family is. Anna reportedly wanted to join the family business, but her father wasn’t interested. As a result, he gave all the duties to Anna’s brother.

However, Anna has participated in charitable endeavors, including work with the Shay Foundation, which was founded by her late parents.

Siblings, Parents, and Childhood

Anna Shay, now 61 years old, was born in her parents’ lovely Tokyo, Japan, house on December 31, 1960. Her father Edward Shay founded Pacific Architects and Engineers and was a well-known billionaire (PAE). In 1955, a few years before Anna was born, Dad founded the business. The star of “Bling Empiremother, “‘s Ai Oizumi Shay, is half Asian and half Russian.

The TV personality lived in Tokyo until she was eight years old before relocating to Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Allen E. Shay, her younger brother, was in charge of PAE after Edward passed away.

Anna has always led an incredibly comfortable life. Her life has always included living in opulent mansions, driving incredibly costly vehicles, and meeting renowned people.

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Who Is the Family of Anna Shay?

Let’s start with her parents as her father was already stated. Anna’s mother was from Japan and was half-Russian and half-Japanese, according to Town & Country(opens in new tab) and Oprah Daily(opens in new tab), while her father was from the South Side of Chicago. While Edward was in the Asian nation, the couple ended up running into one other and falling in love. Before the family moved to Los Angeles, they finally had Anna in Japan.

Allen, by the way, happens to be Anna’s younger brother. It’s interesting to note that according to the Town & Country story, when the family traveled, Anna would go with her father and her brother would go with her mother. The two groups would then meet up wherever their intended destination was at the moment. Apparently out of worry for their safety, the family broke up into pairs.

We won’t discuss Anna’s four ex-husbands here. But let’s talk about Kenny Kemp, her son. Little information is available on the almost 30-year-old. We were able to learn that he formerly served as the subject of a Buzzfeed (opens in new tab) article on marijuana and that he amasses a pricey collection of paraphernalia.

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