How Old Are Liz Truss Children? Everything About the Prime Minister’s Personal Life

how old are liz truss children

The next prime minister of the UK will be Liz Truss, a British politician, and former foreign secretary. The 46-year-old Truss ran for the position of Tory party leader against Rishi Sunak, a fellow party member.

The personal life of Liz Truss is receiving a lot of attention amid the present political unrest in the UK with the resignation of the current Prime Minister. It is only a matter of time before she and her family are able to move into 10 Downing Street

In our article today, let’s learn more about Liz Truss and her family. The complete story of Liz Truss and her family 1975 saw the birth of Elizabeth Mary Truss in Oxford, England. She attended Merton College in Oxford to study economics, politics, and philosophy.

After completing her studies, she entered the workforce and worked for organizations including Cable & Wireless and Shell. She subsequently made the decision to enter politics.

For more than ten years, Truss represented South West Norfolk as a Member of Parliament (MP). She held the positions of Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor from 2016 to 2017, and Environment Secretary from 2014 to 2016.

Who Is Liz Truss’ Husband, Hugh O’Leary?

how old are liz truss children

Hugh O’Leary, who works as an accountant, and Truss got married. The wedding took place in the year 2000. In 1997, the two first connected during a Tory Party conference. In an interview with You magazine in 2019, Truss recalled their first date, stating, “I invited him ice-skating and he hurt his ankle.”

In 2006, when her affair with the then-Tory MP Mark Field was made public, their relationship was a touch unstable. But despite the difficulty, her marriage held together, and as she acknowledged a few years ago, the couple is now happily married.

She had already humorously remarked that she benefits from her husband’s time spent studying at the London School of Economics anytime she wants to have a late-night conversation on topics like supply-side reforms or econometrics. This year marks the couple’s 22nd anniversary of getting married

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Liz Truss Has Kids, Right?

how old are liz truss children

Frances and Liberty are Ms. Truss and Mr. O’Leary’s two daughters. Her two girls are generally kept off of her social media accounts and out of the public glare (although she does sometimes post snaps of their birthday cakes on Instagram).

She has, however, previously discussed her daughter Liberty’s effect on her sense of style, saying to You: “She brings me to areas I wouldn’t think of much” – while also making reference to her regulations regarding screen time.

I’m known as the phone jailer in our household, Ms. Truss admitted to Pienaar’s Politics in 2018 that she had locked her daughter’s phone in a box to prevent her from using it excessively.

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How Old Are the Kids of Liz Truss?

how old are liz truss children

Although their ages have not been made publically known, it is believed that Liberty is 14, and Frances, who turned 16 in March of this year, is the oldest.

Truss discusses her passion for baking in the same interview with YOU, and it appears that she uses the hobby frequently for her daughters’ birthdays. She posted a cake design to Instagram in March 2020 to commemorate France’s 14th birthday with the comment, “You can’t stop development.”

In November 2018, Truss made another colorful cake for her daughter Liberty’s birthday (opens in new tab). “There will be requests to have it banned because it contains so much sugar! #decadeofdelight, #sugarrush, #bannycake, #technicholordreamcake, 10th birthday “Check out the caption.

Liz told YOU when asked if she would participate in The Great Celebrity Bake Off: “I’ve been flooding Instagram with photos just to get the attention of the producers. And it’s had no impact at all!”

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