Here’s How to Track Your League of Legends Spending!

how much have i spent on league

Whether you’ve been playing League of Legends since its 2009 closed beta or joined after viewing Arcane, there are so many tempting items available for purchase in the game.

If you’ve ever wondered how much you’ve spent on League purchasing its various skins and other cosmetics, then look no further.

Riot Games has a function that enables summoners to view the amount of money they’ve spent on the game over the years.

How can the quantity of money spent in League of Legends be determined?

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The method is easy. This link will take you to a website where you can view your total League of Legends expenditures.

After logging into your Riot account, clicking the ‘Show me the money button will display the exact quantity of money you’ve spent on League of Legends. You can only view this amount if your account is hosted on a Riot server.

It should display a value that corresponds to the local currency. The following is what an LoL participant in North America should see.

We’re confident that everyone will have fond memories of the game while sporting their favored skins.

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