How Long Are Cannabis Seeds Good for Light, Temperature, Humidity and Everything You Need to Know

how long are cannabis seeds good for

Many first-time growers frequently have some cannabis seeds lying about from an old buddy or baggie. New growers are starting their own grows now that marijuana has been legalized, but how long do marijuana seeds live until they stop germinating?

Depending on how efficiently pollination is carried out and how well the plant accepts pollen, a normal feminized cannabis plant can yield hundreds of seeds. Additionally, a lot depends on the strain because some strains can produce a lot more, especially if their blooms are bigger and have a bigger capacity. But how long do they remain fresh after being picked and dried?

How Long Are Cannabis Seeds Good For?

how long are cannabis seeds good for

The most significant of the many diverse elements that affect the lifespan of cannabis seeds is conservation. When it comes to storage, if you bought your seeds from a seed bank and they came in their own packaging, you may just keep them there in a dark, dry area; seed banks typically advise planting within the year.

However, if you intend to cross your own plants and create your own seeds, you’ll need to understand how to harvest, dry, and store them if you intend to keep them for a while before germination; if you’re a professional cannabis grower, knowing how to store cannabis seeds properly is a very important piece of knowledge.

Without a doubt, the seed is just as significant as the outcome; you can’t have quality results without quality seeds. Remember that cannabis seeds are essentially living things that can be given a complete life. Many novice growers are unaware that cannabis seeds need special handling and that how you keep your seeds can have a big impact on how well they grow. To find trusted strains, visit our Cannabis seeds – Buy Marijuana Seeds department.

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Cannabis Seeds Drying

When starting from scratch, you must first pollinate a female cannabis plant’s blossoms before harvesting the seeds when it has reached maturity. The seeds must first be dried out before they can be kept or even sown; after they have turned a deep brown hue or begun to display dark stripes, they are prepared for harvest. Since it is much simpler to separate the seeds from the blossoms, most people choose to dry their seeds by merely drying the flowers and gathering the seeds once they have dried out.

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Remain Viable when Stored?

how long are cannabis seeds good for

If you intend to use your seeds in the future, you should preserve them properly once you have them. In reality, under ideal storage circumstances, it is possible to effectively grow cannabis seeds that are five years old. When stored properly, seeds have been known to miraculously persist for up to 10 years, albeit the germination times might vary greatly and take much longer than a new seed. Seed maintenance and storage are crucial for both home gardeners and seed banks since improper storage can prevent seeds from germinating or cause them to grow improperly. To keep seeds for a long time, you must adhere to a number of rules.

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Seed Storage: Illuminated

One of the first considerations is that any container you use to store your seeds must be completely light-proof. If you’ve ever attempted to germinate cannabis seeds, you are aware of the significance of light in determining whether a seed will grow or not. Your seeds may become too weak to germinate if they are exposed to light for an extended period of time, and even if they do, they may have a difficult time getting started.


Also, a symptom of germination is a high temperature. Your seeds should be stored in a place that is as cool as you can get without freezing. They can be kept at room temperature, but to extend their life, try to store them between 42 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, or 6 and 8 degrees Celsius.


how long are cannabis seeds good for

Moisture also signals the start of germination. Furthermore, rotting can occur in a damp environment. Your seeds should ideally be preserved in a dry space with a relative humidity of 8% to 10%.

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Finally, in a vacuum, seeds endure much longer. Even if the usual atmosphere of the earth will keep them safe for a very long time, a vacuum is much preferable. Simply keeping them in a secure area can work wonders. Although they will have access to oxygen, they won’t always have access to clean air. Lack of fresh air not only prevents germination but also makes it more challenging for pests to grow.

When Do Cannabis Seeds Expire?

In light of the aforementioned factors, vacuum sealing your cannabis seeds and then placing them in an opaque container or bag to prevent light exposure is the ideal approach to preserve your seeds for an extended period of time. Keep them at a steady 6–8° temperature. If you reside in a more humid or hotter area, it is a good idea to utilize goods like silica sachets to keep humidity down even when the outside temperature or humidity changes significantly.

Remember that too much light or temperature fluctuation could cause your seedlings to exhaust their supply of nutrients, rendering them unusable.

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