How climate deniers are functioning from Australia’s playbook

california wild fires

Out Of’greenies’ into’arsonists’:’ Australia is observing the West Coast wildfires having a spooky sense of déjà vu.

Wild flames in California (Picture: AP)

For Australians, the images from California provoke a spooky sense of déjà vu — a reminder of some summertime we would rather forget. San Francisco choking beneath apocalyptic blood-red skies. Homes and livelihoods incinerated in moments. Lines of shell-shocked evacuees. 

At the USA, the connections between climate change and also a devastatingly intense fire year are as evident as they were clear throughout our summer months. But like in January, the West Coast wildfires are accompanied by a barrage of disinformation downplaying the relationship with climate change. 

Greenies, not climate shift

Since California Governor Gavin Newsom begged the nation to do it to a climate crisis, President Donald Trump discovered a different trigger. 

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