How Can We Scan a QR Code from A Screenshot?

how to scan qr code from screenshot

In our modern day, QR codes are practically everywhere. Scan a QR Code from a screenshot to access a variety of features, such as restaurant menus and bill pay. You may quickly access the desired page by focusing your phone’s camera on the QR code.

Suppose you get the QR code in the mail. The screenshot might also serve as the QR code. The most effective expansion of QR ties together marketing, communication, and finance. There is QR integration all the way down to the campaign landing page. However, how exactly does one go about scanning a screenshot’s QR code?

This is no longer a constraint; squawk!

You must have a million questions running through your head before we go any further. What is the best way to scan a QR code from an Android or iOS screenshot? The process is different now that the gadget has a new operating system. With care, we shall go over each one.

Can You Scan a QR Code from A Screenshot?

Scanning a QR code requires four main components: location markers, alignment markers, a quiet zone, and data modules. Scanning and getting to the correct page rely on each component.

After detecting the aforementioned components, the scanner deciphers the information contained in the data modules. Now that we have an image of the QR code, let’s see how these parameters function. Is it possible to scan a QR code from a screenshot? If that is the question you still want answered, the answer is yes.

The Right Method to Scan a QR Code from A Screenshot on iPhone:

As the use of QR codes continues to expand, Apple has made a number of improvements to iOS devices to keep up. Rapid response (QR) systems have been improved with the introduction of visual operations and live text. Before you follow the steps below to scan a QR code from an iPhone screenshot, make sure the snapshot is saved in your Apple iOS device:

how to scan qr code from screenshot

Bring up the iPhone’s Apple Photos app.

provide the screen capture that includes the QR code

Towards the very bottom, right corner of your iPhone

The next step is to use the “Live Text Icon” function.

Choose the QR code that appears in the screenshot.

With the live text function, the QR code will be scanned mechanically.

Plus, the outcome is visible through a link.

Just open up Apple Safari and paste the link.

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Installation of a QR reader from picture shortcuts also allows you to put up a Siri shortcut on iOS devices. Your execution time will be significantly reduced as a result of this.

The Right Method to Scan a QR Code from A Screenshot on Android:

Scan a QR code from an Android screenshot with the help of the built-in Google app. You may scan the QR code and get a legitimate result using the Google Lens tool. To learn more about how to scan a QR code from an Android screenshot, follow the steps below:

The Android already comes with Google apps preinstalled.

Get it from the Google Play Store if you can’t find it.

Start up the app and go to the search bar. Then, click the lens symbol.

Your phone’s camera will be magnified by Google Lens.

Click the gallery button on the bottom left of your phone if you can’t see the photographs on your screen.

Just pick the one with the QR code on it.

By using Google Lens, the QR code may be automatically scanned.

The correct outcome will be displayed.

Important Note: The procedure can be cut in half if you attach the Google widget to the search bar. Google widget is a shortcut option for Android devices. In the same vein, going to allows you to access Google Lens on your iPhone.

How to Scan QR in A Screenshot from A Third-Party Application?

You may also use a third-party program that you can find online to scan the QR code, in addition to the ways listed above. The following are iOS and Android apps. On the other hand, you may find QR code scanners on some websites.

Android users may rely on the “QR and Barcode scanner” and “QR and Barcode reader” apps immensely. Among the many reliable apps available for iOS devices, QR reader for iPhone stands out. When taking a screenshot, two reliable and helpful websites to utilize for scanning QR codes are and

You can scan a QR code in Image without installing any more apps. The need to access the internet arises occasionally due to regulations imposed by the workplace. These third-party apps are great for individual interests since they offer more than just QR scanning.


Instead of having a set expiration date, a QR code has a built-in fast link. The QR code will continue to work if the link is active. Its dynamic integrity of infinite Scan means that there is no scan limit.

One drawback of utilizing a QR code is that it can’t be accessed in areas without an internet connection, in dead Wi-Fi zones, or too far from the scanning region. An important addition that addressed the larger issue is the ability to scan QR codes from screenshots.

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  1. Is it possible to use a computer to scan a QR code?

Using a desktop computer or laptop, you may scan a QR code in the same way as described above. Google Lens allows you to find QR codes and obtain their corresponding links. Additionally, you may access the result page by pasting the link into the same browser.

  1. Is it possible to scan a QR code using a picture or screenshot?

The Google Lens app does really allow you to scan QR codes from images and screenshots. Go ahead and open the app as you look at the picture. If you want to go to the results page, click on it. You may reach the last page by clicking the link on the results page.

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