Houston Officer Killed While Responding To Domestic Violence Call | National

Sergeant Harold Preston was allegedly murdered on Tuesday (October 20) on line of duty, and today, the town of Houston where he labored would be mourning his departure.

The 65-year old was reacting to a national call in a Houston apartment complex Tuesday morning. In accordance with KHOU-TV, the 41-year veteran was then struck by several bullets following a defendant fired him. He endured multiple head wounds was shot in the backbone.

Another officer, Courtney Waller, was shot during the telephone but will likely make a complete recovery. 51-year-old Elmer Manzano was recognized as the defendant. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo advised KHOU-TV the Manzano includes a”long history,” but didn’t name his previous offenses.

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Manzano was shot during the episode, he’s expected to survive his injuries too.

During a media conference, Acevedo explained Preston as a pioneer of this section. “As great as he was a fanatic, he used to be a far better human being,” he explained. “That’s only the man he was, also we will miss him”

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Officers supposedly responded to a telephone out of Manzano’s estranged wife, who called police because she had been attempting to maneuver from her flat but was not able to get indoors to collect her belongings. Even though the officers talked with the girl from the parking lot, her teenaged son supposedly unlocked the door and discovered his dad carrying a gun. 

Manzano has been held with no bond. It is unclear what fees he faces.

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