Household Hacks: Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Save You Money, Time, and Energy when Cleaning Your House

household hacks

Homework never seems to stop, therefore it’s important to work wisely, not always hard. We have compiled a list of brilliant cleaning tips that help speed up the process with a small time commitment. Look them up.

Parking Space Dam

Springtime floods melted ice from tyres, you name it—garage flooring is prone to puddles. A dam constructed of expanding foam can keep the water away from your tools and toys. It adheres, it’s impervious to water, and you can drive or walk over it without harming it. And it will just scrape off in the summer. Your mind will be blown by these 12 original uses for spray foam.

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Invest in nutritious food

household hacks

Consider growing some of your own food if you haven’t previously. and construct a planter or garden box. To reduce food waste, plan your meals for the coming week before you go grocery shopping. Make every effort to involve the entire family in food and laundry preparation.

Use rechargeable battery technology

It’s important to properly dispose of old batteries and keep them out of landfills. Rechargeable batteries will also end up costing less in the long run, even though the initial investment may be higher.

Reuse things

Choose reusable things like aluminium water bottles, cloth shopping bags, and travel mugs. Additionally, construct a compost tumbler so you may use food leftovers that can be composted to improve the soil in your garden.

PVC Iron Holsters for Curling

Do you detest the unkempt appearance of curling irons left on the toilet or vanity? Here’s some advice for you. To hold the curling irons, mount five-inch pieces of 2-in. PVC pipe to the vanity door using hook-and-loop tape. Use three-inch sections of 1-1/2-in. pipe to hold the cords and repeat the process. To determine how long your “holsters” need to be, simply measure your curling irons. Before putting your curling irons away, let them cool.

The Garage’s Above Storage

By glueing together a straightforward rack using 2″ PVC pipes and fittings, you can store large goods overhead. To support high loads, fasten the straight pipe to the ceiling joists with bolts. To stabilise the entire rack, fasten the angled sections of the “wye” connections into the cross bracing with screws. The flat surface of the PVC makes loading and unloading simple.

Gutter Cleaner with No Ladder

household hacks

You may avoid using a ladder by using this quick, easy, and inexpensive gutter cleaner. Purchase two elbows, a garden hose connection, a cap, and 3/4-inch PVC pipe from a nearby home improvement store. As indicated, drill 1/16-inch holes in the cap. Make the handle long enough to reach your gutters comfortably, then use PVC glue to attach the pieces. Your Home’s Best Gutter Guards

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Bike Stand

Create a bike rack with PVC tubing. This do-it-yourselfer created a bike rack out of PVC that can hold five bikes upright and is ideal for a garage corner. You can alter the proportions to ensure that everything fits snugly based on the specifications of your bike wheels. A wall-mounted bike rack with storage is another option.

Cover Cords

PVC pipe can be used to conceal cords and keep your home office area neat. Just gather up all of the cables for your computer, mouse, monitor, and phone, and tuck them away in some PVC tubing. Even some colourful tape will work to match the design of your office. Try out these 10 simple DIY projects for a home office.

Pvc Dispenser for Plastic Bags

I had a few leftover 2-foot fence post lengths after constructing a PVC fence. I converted one of them into a place for my reusable grocery bags. They are stuffed into the top, then I remove them from the bottom. In the absence of any extra fencing, 3-inch-diameter PVC tubing also works nicely. It can be fastened to a wall in your garage or workshop, a door within a pantry, or a door of a closet. David Mitchell Additionally, arrange your kitchen and move those bags out of the way.

Hack for Lighted Screwdriver

Instead of purchasing expensive hand tools with LED lights already built in, use this lit screwdriver hack. You may create your own lit screwdriver by taping a keychain-sized flashlight to the shaft for use when working in a dark area, like within a cupboard. Wherever you need the light, it will be shone there.

Extended Reach Shears

household hacks

You may extend your reach and prune high branches without a ladder by slipping PVC pipes over the handles of your pruning shears and taping them in place. And here’s how to prune a tree.

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Toxic Claw

A flexible-shaft pick-up tool is a must for any homeowner to reach items in tight spaces. They work well for yanking drain obstructions out as well! And here are some other tips for clearing a clogged drain.

No More Sock Loss

Place a strip of foam pipe insulation along the wall or in the space between your washer and dryer. Sockets won’t be able to fall into the abyss. How to Set Up a Laundry Room is shown here.

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