Hotel Hacks: Amazing Hotel Hacks to Boost Your Travel Experience

hotel hacks

If you Google “best hotel hacks,” you’ll come across a number of clickbait stories that all provide the same “hacks,” which are at best poor. That is not what Upgraded Points is about. We want you to experience fantastic hotel accommodations while saving money.

To make your upcoming hotel stay fantastic, we’ve assembled our best professional advice in one post. Upgrades, complimentary breakfast, and even free hotel nights are all on the list.

Sync Netflix With The Tv in Your Hotel Room.

hotel hacks

To master this travel trick, you don’t need to be an expert in technology. You’ve won if your hotel room has a flat-screen TV with an HDMI connector and WiFi. Now that Netflix is connected directly to TVs, you can binge-watch all your favorite TV series on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Naturally, doing this is made much easier by staying at a hotel like Ovolo, where you are provided with an Apple TV and a Smart TV with a media hub.

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Maintain the Power

This tip for using a hotel room is popular. Request two key cards every time you check in. For the air conditioner to be on while you’re away and to charge your laptop, camera, and iPhone, place one card in the slot near the entrance.

Your Garments Can Be De-Crinkled without The Aid of Housekeeping.

This hotel tip is essential if you’re a self-sufficient type who doesn’t depend on a cleaner to give your clothes that crisp, wrinkle-free look. It’s incredibly upsetting when you unpack your bag and realize all of the efforts you spent washing and ironing your clothes in preparation for a hotel stay was for nothing.

This hotel tip is a time-saver and a savior for your well-planned vacation or staycation outfits. Place your suit in the bathroom with you while taking a shower to steam out those creases, and shut the bathroom door for the best steam buildup. If your garment is not moisture-friendly, your second choice is to use the hairdryer. Alternate between blow-drying your hair and removing those pesky creases in your clothes. Or, avoid the effort entirely and employ a hotel trick that guests frequently overlook: phone the staff at the front desk and ask them to send up a steamer.

Inform the Hotel of Any Noteworthy Events.

hotel hacks

As busy people, we rarely take the time to pamper ourselves without a special occasion in mind. This hotel scam is as easy to use as it is successful. Give the hotel advance notice of the momentous occasion you will be commemorating, and watch them go above and beyond for you with additional goodies to enhance your celebratory stay.

Let this hotel trick be more than just a guide for your stay; let it be a lesson to live by. Tell them what you’re celebrating with every reservation (restaurant, trip, etc.). It will always be our never-ending gift to you.

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Bookings Made Directly With The Hotel

We at Ovolo hear customers asking for the cheapest rate as advice for the stay far too frequently. How mistaken they are. Presented to you is our hotel trick. PLAN DIRECTLY. You might find some highly alluring and cost-justifying discounts, deals, or upgrades by using the hotel’s own website for reservations or even by calling the hotel directly. The best bargains are typically available during the off-season.

But at Ovolo, The Perks are available all day, every day. To receive a beautiful assortment of wonderful inclusions to be enjoyed at your leisure, on us, when you book directly via Enjoy sunset cocktails at social hour, late-night snacks from the minibar, and a free continental breakfast to start your day. When you book directly at, you’ll also enjoy superfast wifi, 24-hour access to a gym, and self-service laundry to keep you looking and feeling well. All of these extras are included at no additional cost.

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