Homework Spelled Backwards: Does ‘homework’ Spelled Backwards Mean ‘child Abuse’ in Latin?

homework spelled backwards

You might have seen the recent widespread claim when scrolling through social media that the Latin word for “homework” when spelled backwards is “child abuse.” Recently, this assertion has been widely circulated and has amassed thousands of views on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

However, is the word “krowemoh” actually Latin or is it just a random collection of letters? Here is how we verified the facts.

Work on Your Click Restraint.

homework spelled backwards

examining the YouTube claim in more detail. The YouTuber searches for a keyword and clicks on the first Urban Dictionary result that comes up in the video. It’s not really a good idea to just click on the first result without thoroughly checking it out. Instead, work on the click restriction media literacy technique from the Stanford History Education Group. This web browsing technique entails looking through search results for more reliable sources before selecting a website to visit. It is always worthwhile to take a few extra seconds to look for reliable sources.

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Go Right to The Information’s Source

There are numerous definitions for “krowemoh” on Urban Dictionary. Sherli Damelio, who goes by that username, offered the best definition on January 6. The problem with Urban Dictionary as a source is that anyone with access to the internet can contribute a definition.

For those who are unfamiliar, Urban Dictionary might be thought of as the younger, more disobedient sister of Merriam-Webster. its main distinctions? Urban Dictionary completely relies on the public to define the words rather than using qualified editors. The website’s primary purpose is to define slang terms and expressions. Is it a reliable source for Latin information then? No.

Check out What Other Sources Have to Say

homework spelled backwards

A Google search for this allegation turned up numerous articles refuting it, including a fact-check from Snopes. Since the letter W doesn’t exist in Latin, “krowemoh” is unquestionably not a Latin word, claims Snopes.

Finding a Latin dictionary online or using Google Translate are other options for fact-checking this assertion. There were no definitions for “krowemoh” in the Latin dictionary. Additionally, the Latin term for child abuse is entirely different when translated by Google Translate.

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Not true. The rumour that “homework” spelt backwards means “child abuse” in Latin is untrue.

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