Home and Away Review: Mac and Tane sure have on screen chemistry

Home and Away Review: Mac and Tane sure have on screen chemistry

That kiss between Mac and Tane — the guy who is not her boyfriend —was all a lie and I fell for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Mac and Ari together, but this is a drama after all and that advertisement Home and Away have been spruiking for a week showed some serious chemistry and we were ripped off.

The producers are busy laying the groundwork for this imaginary kiss all episode, so back to the start.

Mac summons up the courage to tell Dean she has moved in with Ari — the guy who IS her boyfriend.

Camera IconDean reminding us that Mac has the ‘hots’ for Tane. Credit: Channel 7

Dean isn’t impressed to say the least, but it’s a bit rich coming from the man whose girlfriend isn’t currently living him because he has a surprise lovechild.

“That’s the place where Ari’s brother lives, the one you have the hots for,” Dean says to Mac — in case we have somehow forgotten the source of all the tensions between tonight’s characters.

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It does however remind Dean he has a girlfriend and he gives her a call.

The dynamic between them is very strange.

Dean is pretty keen to get Ziggy into the bedroom but Ziggy is on team friend zone again and wants their previously arranged boundaries to stay up so Dean has time to adjust to his life as a dad.

They go out for a romantic dinner at Salt.

They start with the pleasantries then skip straight to the elephant in the room, Jai.

As the night wraps up it’s clear that Dean is still campaigning hard to avoid the friend zone.

Camera IconDean is still campaigning hard to avoid the friend zone. Credit: Channel 7

Dean wants it all. He wants Ziggy to move back in and Jai in his life but it feels like Ziggy is going to take a back seat.

Meanwhile Nikau has said his bit and doesn’t want Mac to move in because she’s not family.

It could be Nik protecting his brothers from the inevitable or an amalgamation of his mum being away, accidentally stealing a car a few months ago and his break from Bella, who used his undivided love for her as ploy to get him to run away with her.

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Tane is very attentive at work so Mac gets away early, with only one pizza for a household of four — three of them very hungry boys.

No one seems as concerned as I am about the pizza so Ari whisks Mac away to show her the surprise bubble bath he’s prepared complete with candles and champagne.

Mac proclaims “everything is perfect” and is enjoying her retreat when Tane accidentally walks into the bathroom and Mac quickly rushes to cover herself even though she’s neck deep in bubbles.

They joke it off.

Nikau is still holding the pizza, it would be very cold by now.

Then Tane and Mac are alone and without any warning they launch at each other and they really start making out, like really.

I am extremely shocked because it’s quite hot for Home and Away. But then, we discover it was all just a figment of Tane’s imagination.

Ripped. Off.

Camera IconAbout to launch, but not really. Credit: Channel 7

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Then a brief update on Justin.

Ava’s arrival is imminent and Justin is reeling with the decision to either lie to his daughter or “break her heart” and tell her about the tumour and his delicate state.

Tori and Leah stand by him either way and think it will be good for Justin to see Ava so Leah and Justin have packed their bags and are on their way.