Home and Away review: Little Jai’s birthday approaches, Ziggy hires Tane and sparks dating rumours

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Everyone’s feeling sorry for Dean because every time Amber gives a little, she shuts him down to keep him at arm’s length, probably because Dean isn’t really Jai’s dad.

Little Jai’s birthday is coming up and Dean wants his mum, Karen, to meet his son.

I haven’t heard great things about Dean’s mum and Amber certainly isn’t a fan, immediately shutting down that suggestion because she was a terrible mother and had problems with drugs and alcohol.

Dean insists Karen has changed, but regardless of that I hope this Karen does make a guest appearance because I’m sure she will get to the bottom of this unconfirmed father thing straight away and whip Amber into shape.

Then the time of day gets really confusing. Dean has to get to Yabby Creek to get Jai’s present before the shop closes but it’s pitch black so what kind of 24/7 mega toy shop does this small town have?

Dean comes back from the magical-always-open-shop and starts building his son’s – which may not be his son because he hasn’t taken a paternity test – bike.

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He leaves his mum a long voicemail and reaches out for support, making it sound like they talk often even though there’s literally been a few mentions of her in months.

Meanwhile, Justin is at the diner where he is almost permanently based and grabs his stomach which is definitely Leah’s dead husband curse at play.

Camera IconLeah’s dead husband curse at play. Credit: Channel 7

He goes down to the garage to talk shop with Ziggy who wants to hire Tane — which hardly comes as a surprise — even though he unfortunately isn’t a fully qualified secret mechanic.

Justin tries to hide his symptoms again and literally types into google “how do I know if my cancer has returned?” As good as Dr Google is, that’s really above its capabilities and is best left to an actual doctor.

Camera IconDr Google. Credit: Channel 7

So Tane is hired and his first duty is celebratory beers with Ziggy at Salt. Fortunately for Tane, Mac isn’t there so she hasn’t ruined his life on this particular occasion.

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Camera IconFirst port of call: beers. Credit: Channel 7

Amber wanders into the bar looking for Dean, possibly to apologise and laps up the opportunity to point out Dean’s bad mood is because Ziggy is on a date with Tane.

Ziggy is very unphased by this and puts it down to “Amber being Amber”.

Even though it’s not a date, it feels like the producers are priming us for Ziggy and Tane do get together.

Camera IconAmber assumes they’re on a date. Credit: Channel 7

Back to Justin and he actually tells Leah that “it’s happening again” – referring to the symptoms which was quite unexpected on my behalf.

I really thought this one would be drawn out for longer, however my disappointment was a little premature because Justin wants to keep it a secret from Tori and is trying to figure out how to visit the hospital without seeing his sister – who practically runs the whole thing – seeing him.

It’s the following morning, or so we assume because it’s no longer dark, and Amber is much nicer but still refuses to let Karen into her life in case she acts out again.

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Dean takes a call from him mum but makes up some story about being drunk instead of telling her the immensely troubling circumstances he finds himself in.

He’s going to crack soon.

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