Home and Away review: Finally Colby gets into his smug head that he’s going to jail and Witness X is revealed

It’s a massive night in the Bay with baby Gracie’s first birthday party, an ambulance ride to the emergency room and in a twist that I really didn’t see coming, Willow is Witness X.

Baby Gracie’s birthday is fast approaching and it’s pretty much the biggest deal ever.

I’m not exactly a culinary goddess but I do make a mean lemon tart and I happen to be the proud new owner of a mint green KitchenAid (very exciting), but Tori is butchering the butterfly cake.

Camera IconButchering the cake. Credit: Channel 7

“I run an emergency department, I think I can ice a cake,” she says.

Ian and Wendy Shaw — dead Robbo’s parents — are coming and they’re my second favourite people after Jasmine, so I’m stoked.

Jasmine buys baby Grace a very special gift — a bracelet with “love Dad” engraved on it so she always has her dad, dead Robbo, close to her.

Then some terrible news, Ian has broken his leg and won’t be coming to the party anymore.

Justin is still in quite a lot of pain but he’s soldiering on with decorations because he’s a man.

I think he’s crying or trying to cry for dramatic effect but it’s a pretty dimly lit scene and I can’t see it.

“I can’t help but wonder where we’re going to be on Grace’s next birthday, or Ava’s, I never go to do this for Ava,” Justin says to Leah.

It’s the morning of the party and I must say the backyard looks really, really beautiful so it’s worth all the blood, sweat and tears shed by Justin.

Camera IconJustin about to ruin the party. Credit: Channel 7

Dr Christian Green aka Budget McDreamy rocks up with an equally beautiful cake which displeases Jas because she hates being outdone on matters relating to Gracie.

Tori makes a speech surrounded by friends and family — Leah and Justin, Maz, Irene, Jasmine and Budget McDreamy — and as she the lists off the people special to them, most of them are dead.

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“They’re not a real family, Christian isn’t Gracie’s dad,” Jas says in spite.

Camera IconJasmine probably plotting to kidnap Gracie again. Credit: Channel 7

But the party is soon ruined by Justin.

“I can’t feel my legs,” Justin says.

Now he’s sorry he didn’t stay in hospital like Dr Green recommended.

But Jasmine’s mood is much better now that she has baby Gracie in her clutches again.

Apparently things between Owen and Roo are back on track. She’s buying new clothes for a date and settles on a sparkly number. Alf approves and so do I.

Owen and Roo haven’t had another “sleepover” since the name incident and Owen is feeling a bit insecure, so she gives him a big hug.

But things take a turn for the best when Martha tells Roo everyone will be out of the house for the afternoon and the happy couple rush home for a “sleepover” — Owen even makes a joke about Roo blurting out the name of his dead twin brother.

But something isn’t right.

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about Evan the whole time,” Roo says to Maz afterwards.

“I have a great chance at love here and I’m ruining it.”

She decides to tell Owen Daddo and it’s her demise.

Camera IconStill in love in dead Daddo. Credit: Channel 7

“Whenever I look at you I see him and I’ve done everything I can do change that,” Roo says to Owen.

He’s not happy that he doesn’t get to call the shots this time.

“Roo, you’re not in love with me you’re in love with my brother,” Owen says.

“How can I be in love with someone who is not here?” Roo replies.

Ryder doesn’t take the news well.

“My uncle is leaving because you two got involved,” Ryder says to Aunty Roo.

It cuts deep, real deep.

So Daddo leaves again. Surely this is the last time. They can’t bring him back a fourth time, can they?

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Camera IconDaddo leaves for a fourth and final? time. Credit: Channel 7

Meanwhile relationship expert Ryder can’t keep his mouth shut and tells Maz that John — her recent ex — is very popular on the dating apps.

“John is entering a new phase in his life and I am absolutely, perfectly comfortable with that,” Maz says through a fake smile.

So he gets Maz on the apps too and she proves to be pretty popular too.

Mac fills Nikau in about his uncles’ dodgy doings.

Camera IconMac is struggling with the life of crime. Credit: Channel 7

“They’re doing another job for those guys to pay off the debt,” Mac says to Nikau.

Nikau has the utmost concern because “last time his family did a job my dad died” which seems fair.

But good news, Ari and Tane aren’t dead and they have a massive wad of cash to hand over to the creep and “cancel” the debt.

But their absence has driven a wedge between Nikau but they quickly make amends because they’re really into family and all that.

Mac is really struggling and asks Ari about his time in prison.

She bursts into tears at the thought of Colby and Dean ending up behind bars.

And it gets worse because Leon and the gang have another “last job” for Tane and Ari but that will have to hold on for next week because the rest of the night is dedicated to Colby.

Colby’s court hearing is fast approaching.

“The thing that worries me the most is that none of us have been called up to testify,” Willow says to Dean.

Dean wants to have a “quiet word” with Witness X, but probably best he doesn’t.

Colby is refreshing his internet until the witness list arrives.

He scrolls to Witness X and realises the name has been suppressed. Even then he still looks pretty smug.

He wanders down to the beach along to wallow but Taylor is there.

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“I want you to know that I went into this playing a game and somewhere along the way it changed for me,” Colby says to Taylor.

“Whatever happens you’re amazing and you deserve better than me or Angelo.”

Well at least he’s nice to someone but it’s too little too late if you ask me.

She runs off and tells Angelo she’s not going to talk even though she’s been subpoenaed and basically has to.

Colby comes home and finally gets into his smug head that he’s going to jail.

Camera IconColby finally gets into his smug head that he’s going to jail. Credit: Channel 7

He wants a “normal meal” with his fam — Bella, Dean and Willow.

It looks like one pizza between all of them.

Bella tears up, Dean tries to but he can’t cry so he makes some joke that isn’t funny about vegetables on pizza and it breaks into the happy, crazy family scene while Colby, at the head of the table looks on and takes in everything he’s going to miss and concedes defeat about a year too late.

“I killed Ross and everything that I’ve done from that moment has lead me here,” he says to Willow in private.

Willow asks why now and he says because he’s in love with Taylor.

Then it gets all ominous as the James Bond theme song by Billie Eilish plays and Angelo stands in front of his car’s headlights in the dark.

“You did the right thing,” Angelo says as a very, very blurry figure approaches him.

And it’s Willow, who appears out the darkness.

She’s wearing a wire!!!

“I didn’t do it for you,” she snarls back at Angelo.

I really thought Bella’s letter to Irene was going to come into play but I’m very shocked that Willow betrays Colby to protect Dean and Bella — so well done producers, well done.

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