Home and Away review: Colby is arrested but my fav Jasmine still manages to outshine even that massive news

It’s the night we’ve all been waiting for.

Angelo wipes the smug face off Colby and places him under arrest for dead Ross’ murder in front of half the town including Bella and Taylor.

But my fav, Jasmine, steals the limelight — she wants a baby of her own through IVF because she’s recently recovered from a breakdown. She’s an independent woman who don’t need no man.

But first we shall begin with Taylor and Angelo having it out and it’s the tearful end I hoped it would be.

It also takes place at Salt for all in sundry to witness.

“The only thing I expected from you was to be faithful,” Angelo says.

“How can I look at you again, trust anything you say?”

“So you don’t think our marriage has a future?” Taylor replies.

I don’t even know why she said that. Yes, the whole Colby thing was under false pretences but just a few days ago she was in love with Colby.

I mean, she may be in an unfortunate situation but it’s no reason to go back to your husband who you don’t love.

Angelo knows this and gives his “cheating wife” an ultimatum.

Camera IconAngelo gives his wife an ultimatum. Credit: Channel 7

“Are you going to testify against your boyfriend or not?” he says.

Taylor goes on about how Colby used her to get to the case but Angelo knew, and that makes him “just as bad as Colby”.

“I did not kill my stepfather and bury him in a shallow grave,” Angelo replies.

It’s the best comeback I’ve ever heard and I’d love to use it myself if it wasn’t so niche because unlike in Summer Bay, murders don’t come up that often.

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So Taylor is sobbing and happy Jasmine comes over to befriend her.

But before that, Jasmine chats with Irene and is so excited because baby Gracie is finally turning one.

Camera IconPoor Irene having to listening to everyone’s relationship problems. Credit: Channel 7

“I can’t wait to have a baby of my own,” Jas says.

She thinks she might try IVF just like Tori and thinks her phantom pregnancy was a “sign”.

She just needs a donor.

I shudder to think who she’ll pick. I guess Angelo — although very, very recently single — is the most eligible bachelor in town.

So back to Taylor. Her and Jas share stories about their cop significant others (Dead Robbo was also a cop).

Then the conversation moves to Colby and Jasmine waxes lyrical about how amazing Colby is and I fear Jas wants Colby’s murdering sperm.

Camera IconJas wants Colby to be her baby daddy. Credit: Channel 7

It seems I might be onto something.

Jas wanders into the diner to talk to Irene again and says she’s ticked the donor box.

She lists off a number of very desirable qualities.

“You cannot be thinking what I think you’re thinking,” Irene says.

At that exact moment Colby walks into Salt. I know it’s a completely different scene but I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

I’ll pick this up again so hang in there.

Now, onto the Parata boys plus the creep and his crowbar entourage who come down to the police station — I stand corrected, it’s a baseball bat.

I can’t see how Tane is going to talk himself out of this one because his smart arse usually gets him into trouble but Ari steps in and tells the group they all want the same things.

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Nikau is worried that he’s going to miss his flight which is tomorrow (in Home and Away time).

They make up some story about Tane sleeping with one of the drug gangs’ girlfriends which seems to satisfy Colby.

So Colby lets them go without pressing charges and all the men nod at each other to show that they’re going along with the charade.

Camera IconAll the boys nod. Credit: Channel 7

“They will be back,” Tane says, referring to the creep who might be called Leon and a Paul who is “further up the food chain”, but leave that imminent situation up in the air for another time.

Mac wants to know why Bella and Colby have fallen out of favour since family is sooo important to them.

Camera IconMac is still wearing Budget McDreamy’s jacket. Credit: Channel 7

“You can’t tell a soul, honestly no one Mac,” Bella says.

Bella tells her that Colby has been having an affair with Taylor and Angelo knowns.

I’m disappointed because I thought Bella was going to tell another person (she told Nikau just before they ran way to the Blue Mountains) about dead Ross’ murder.

Also what happened to that letter that Bella wrote for Irene when she came back from horse camp?

Ok, so back to Colby and he’s with Angelo having the final say.

“If she was my wife I would never let her go,” Colby says.

His ego is still unusually large.

“If you had anything on me you would have used it by now,” Colby says.

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I’m waiting for this magical witness that the ads have been talking about all week to come forward.

Then Taylor storms into the police station.

“There’s a reason I’m here,” she says to Angelo.

She doesn’t tell us whose side she’s taking but my gut is telling me she’s weak and is going back to her husband and will rat out Colby.

Angelo asks Taylor to accompany him somewhere.

So we’re back at the diner and Jas asks Colby out for dinner “because I’ve got a proposal for you” – which I’m almost certain is her asking if he will be her baby daddy.

But before we get any info out of them, Angelo and probably all the police in town storm the diner and arrest an unaware Colby for dead Ross’ murder.

Camera IconColby’s arrest will really mess up Jasmine’s plans. Credit: Channel 7

Jasmine will not be happy with anyone getting in the way of her plans to have a baby.

Notable mentions also go to Alf who is wearing a hat and vents to Irene about his lady problems.

Irene doesn’t care about Alf’s love life though, and for good reason.

“No Alf you know what’s ridiculous is how two people could be so stubborn to get married twice”, she says.

Camera IconAlf wears a hat. Credit: Channel 7

Here here Irene — I couldn’t have said it better myself. Let’s never speak of the filler storyline again.

Alf also calls the whole Parata going down to the station situation the “Kiwi kerfuffle” — which is not only a bit racist but also an alliteration.

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