Home and Away review: Angelo is confronted by Colby’s post-affair hair and starts to put the pieces together

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For a detective who has risen through the ranks as Angelo has, not a lot has been getting through his thick head until the stank from Colby’s post-affair hair is flaunted in front of him.

The episode beings with Angelo and Taylor getting into the day drinks — so far the only thing they have in common — and Anglo goes on about how Colby is “dirty” and “up to his eyeballs” in murder.

I feel like we’ve heard this all before and to be honest the majority of the episode follows suit as a filler until the good stuff happens.

Angelo is going to tirelessly dedicate himself to work night and day so he can put Colby away for dead Ross’ murder and then whisk his wife away from Summer Bay.

It’s good news because Taylor can scurry off to her affair with Colby and keep him up to date.

“You were right, Angelo has it in for you,” she says.

“He thinks you killed Ross Nixon.”

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Even though this is nothing new, the scene is filmed incredibly close to their faces, adding a bizarre element.

The following morning Colby and his abominable post-sex hair strut home from the romantic rendezvous to find Anglo waiting. But it doesn’t phase Colby in the slightest and he’s in such a good mood, he apologises for ALL the paperwork and even extents his hand for a handshake, which isn’t accepted.

Camera IconReppin’ that post-romp hair Credit: Channel 7

Angelo catches up with Taylor and notices her glow.

But he keeps pulling a puzzled face as if he hasn’t figured it out yet.

Inevitably the conversation turns to the case because the producers haven’t bothered to give them a personality or any interests other than wine and matters relating to Colby Thorne.

Angelo comments on Colby’s peculiar demeanour which Taylor jumps in to defend.

Then she blurts out, “no he wasn’t alone there were other witnesses” and finally thick Angelo is putting the crumbs together.

Camera IconFinally something gets through. Credit: Channel 7

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Angelo stations himself outside Colby’s house, possibly for good.

Amber regales Dean’s tumultuous childhood with Karen and Dean tells us for the third time this week about how upset he is.

Camera IconTake note of the fresh ink. Credit: Channel 7

“She doesn’t know the new Karen, she can only base her opinion on the old one,” Colby tells Dean.

But Amber stands her ground and Dean the pushover actually agrees to lie to his mum forever if it means he can be in Jai’s life.

Then Dean runs home to change his tank to a t-shirt and hides his tattoo which makes no sense other than this was filmed on a different day and it hasn’t been sharpied onto him.

I’m so distracting by the shirt I’m not even paying attention to Colby and Dean’s conversation.

But then Dean says “he 100% thinks I’m responsible for Ross’ murder”, referring to Angelo just in case you had missed out on weeks of episodes and weren’t aware.

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Finally Justin’s ordeal continues and when Budget McDreamy won’t tell Tori about Justin’s most recent results, she takes it upon herself to pounce on him when he’s down – and stationed in the diner of course – for answers.

Camera IconJustin: still has Leah’s dead husband curse. Credit: Channel 7

As Justin puts it “at least she’s not blaming herself this time”, but she isn’t taking the news well and consults budget McDreamy and they once again prove they’re a good team.

Since I now have a new interest in Christian’s wardrobe, the next bit really gets my attention.

Budget McDreamy wanders in and just when I had accepted that his outfit was quite normal today, he’s accessorised with a flat cap which somehow gives him enough confidence to ask Tori on a date.

Camera IconIs he taking fashion cues from Emily in Paris but didn’t have a Burberry bucket hat? Credit: Channel 7

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