Hilary Duff Struggles with Emotional Scene in ‘How I Met Your Father’

Hilary Duff Reveals One Aspect of 'How I Met Your Father' She Had Trouble Handling

One thing, in particular, stood out in the How I Met Your Father Season 2 trailer: John Corbett as Hilary Duff’s potential love interest! In the 2004 movie Raise Your Voice, Corbett played Duff’s character’s music instructor, and it took the actress some time to get used to the role.

“It was nice to work with John once more”. This was clearly in a totally different role, so it took me a while to process that “told TV Insider, Duff. “But it was enjoyable working with John, who added a lot of his larger-than-life personality to the part. I felt thankful. He is quite creative.” Additionally, Sophie’s (Duff) friends are shown in the Season 2 teaser criticizing her for dating an older man without realizing it was Corbett’s persona.

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Hilary Duff Liked the Idea of Dating Older Man in Plot

Hilary Duff Reveals One Aspect of 'How I Met Your Father' She Had Trouble Handling

I adored the plot between John and I and Sophie’s risk-taking with an older man, Duff said. The two come into contact when “She finds herself at a party where she will essentially enjoy free food and beverages while having fun with a buddy. She unavoidably finds herself in this crazy situation where she meets a man who kind of sweeps her off her feet, and she just leans into it. And I appreciate Sophie’s ability to do it.”

“Something ridiculous occurs,” she said, “and she panics and ends the relationship, which is typical of her.” Duff says to anticipate a “co-star Christopher Lowell (Jesse) describes it as “a very unique and extremely entertaining one. hilarious” plot. It’s a lot of fun to see how it develops in these episodes. You’re going to love it, in my opinion.

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Corbett and Duff’s Past Helped Them in Casting In HIMYF

” The HIMYF crew only became aware of Corbett and Duff’s past until their casting process was well underway. “Sincerity is damned, we began by asking ourselves who would be the most entertaining choice for the part. You know, we were bouncing ideas off the authors like we always do. Once Corbett was mentioned, we all thought it was such an amazing development “TV Insider was informed by executive producer and author Elizabeth Berger.

“And as the process progressed, we sort of thought, “Oh, yeah, nice, he made this movie with Hillary a million years ago.” Then we questioned, “Is that strange?” Then, we said, “No, it’s wonderful.” Everyone can take it now that Hillary is an adult “She went on. “The Kim connection is also just incredibly great that they’ve worked together previously and that they enjoy each other and it just made it all the more special,” Berger adds in reference to Corbett’s relationship with Future Sophie. But the actual question was, “Who is the best for this role?” and everyone thought that he was.



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