HGTV’Good Bones’ Star Karen Laine’s Home Burglarized, Pooped On

‘Great Dynamics’ celebrity Karen Laine‘s house is the best place to shed one’s trousers and leave a mark — that’s what a brash thief believes… since they have done it .

Even the HGTV house renovator’d her Indianapolis home property lately, which left for the next time her home was broken into and also the 2nd time somebody left behind a bit of crap as an f*** you — that is what Karen’s expression anyhow, according to local press.

She informed FOX59,”It is kind of a epithet to state that I poop on you” Laine told a different socket that she believes that this is private, since those deuced has done twice today in precisely the identical area (the garage) in which she says there is a clear toilet right there for your using.

As for that which was shot — Laine maintains her mum’s bike got jacked, her handbag and a few other things. Luckily, Laine is a former prosecutor… as soon as she observed her charge cards used, she jumped onto the situation and began hitting up places for surveillance movie.

Cops are looped in also, of course, and that she feels as though they will have the ability to capture the crook shortly — particularly since they are going to check the caca to get DNA.

Who knew a steamy pile of poo may also be a smoking rifle?!?

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