OK Google Not Working? Best Ways to Fix It!

hey google not working

Typically, you may activate Google Assistant by saying OK Google or Hey Google. However, there are instances when it appears to be offline or refuses to carry out specific requests.


If you’re having issues with Google Assistant on your iPhone, Android smartphone, or Google Home smart speaker, try these troubleshooting steps.

Why Google Assistant Isn’t Responding?

If your Google Assistant isn’t responding to OK Google or Hey Google, there might be a few different explanations. Possible causes include a deactivated Google Assistant on the device in question, incompatibility between the device and the Google Assistant Wi-Fi network, or an issue with your voice profile.

Google Assistant should start listening again once you try one of these troubleshooting methods, no matter what the problem is.

To have Google Assistant listen and answer your commands even while your Android smartphone is locked, enable Lock Screen Personal Results.

How to Fix Google Assistant Not Responding?

For the most part, there aren’t too many complicated reasons why Google Assistant won’t respond to your OK Google or Hey Google commands. In some cases, you may fix the problem by modifying the settings on your smartphone or the Google Home app. However, in other cases, the problem may be with the Google smart home device itself.

Verify that the Google smart home gadget is turned on and plugged in. It is easy to miss this basic step when troubleshooting. Proceed to the following step if it is correctly connected and turned on.

Make sure you can connect to the internet. Verify that there is an active internet connection on both the mobile device and the smart home device. To go to the next step, make sure both are there, but your Google Assistant command is still not functioning.

Verify that Google Assistant and the gadget are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If the smart home device and the mobile device are on separate Wi-Fi networks, Google Assistant will not answer. To test whether this resolves the issue, connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Verify that the microphone is enabled. Turning off or muzzling the microphone on a Google Home smart speaker or any other Google smart home device will prevent Google Assistant from responding. See if it fixes it by checking the microphone.

You need to restart the Google Home smart speaker. Many problems can be resolved simply by rebooting the device. Try this out and let me know if it helps.

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hey google not working

Turn on the Google Assistant on your smartphone. Verify that the Google Home app has enabled Google Assistant on the specific Google smart home device in question if you’re experiencing issues with its compatibility.

You may add the device to your Assistant Devices list by tapping the Add a Device button if it isn’t already there. Next, try saying OK or Hey Google to see if it helps.

Verify that the names of the two devices are distinct. Incorrect name spellings might throw Google Assistant for a loop.

Then, you must configure OK Google. Maybe you haven’t programmed a hot word, like OK Google or Hey Google, and Google Assistant isn’t picking up on your voice commands. See if it fixes it by configuring your voice prompt.

Peruse the languages supported by the Google Assistant. It is possible that Google Assistant is listening for a language other than the one you are really speaking. Check if this helps and make sure you understand each other.

Look for an update to the Google Home app. In order to see whether there are any changes to the Google App, visit the Google Home app website. Because the Google App stores your voice preferences, using an older version might cause issues. Try saying OK Google or Hey Google after updating the app to see if it helps.

Voice Match must be operational. Reteach Google Assistant to listen to your voice instructions to test whether it works.

See the Google Assistant Wiki for further information. There are a lot of ways to get help with this web resource, and one of them is a community forum.

Let us know what you think. When everything else fails, you can make a complaint regarding the problem by tapping your profile symbol and choosing Feedback.

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When using Google Assistant to play music, try linking the music service if that doesn’t work.


Which speech options does Google Assistant have?

Launch the Google Home app, then navigate to Settings > Google Assistant > Assistant voice & noises to customize the voice of Google Assistant. To save your decision, swipe through the selections and then touch Back.

How can I modify the language that Google Assistant uses?

Launch the Google Home app, then navigate to Settings > Google Assistant > Languages to modify the language of Google Assistant. Google Assistant may be made multilingual by tapping Add a language or by tapping your current language.

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