Here is what Bob Saget Texted Into Lori Loughlin Ahead Of Her Prison Sentence

bob saget texts lori loughlin ahead of prison sentence

Ahead Lori Loughlin heads to the big house, she is getting some support in the cast of Full House! )

At a brand new talk with Page Six, Bob Saget disclosed that the text that he delivered to his longtime friend and former co-star”a few weeks back” as she begs to her jail sentence, that she’ll function at the national institution in Victorville, California, and has to accounts for by November 19.

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The 63-year old shared with all the socket he texted Loughlin:

“I adore you and thinking about you, that is everything.”

Short and sweet! ) But he’d extend on his feelings regarding the circumstance, describing:

“And you also know as it gets down to itthere’s so much happening and so many individuals have gone through a lot and you also understand… in case you love someone then you need to make this, choice and [ask yourself] is that something which causes me to not love a individual and that I adore her. She is a love.”

It is not completely surprising that the comic feels this manner, particularly because he had similar things to say a season when conversing with FOX News:

“I really like the folks I adore, and individuals go through life, and things happens. For a little while, I had been stating,’No comment,’ and there’s just no use in speaking about it since I have answered it. What I’d say isI really like the folks I adore, and that I have compassion for people which are in my entire life 35 years. I do not cut out people.”

Certainly, this love has not changed, despite the fact that the momma of husband and two Mossimo Giannulli pleaded guilty back in May and have been sentenced soon afterwards, largely because they have been around for many years:

“I had no friends growing up. So, I am lucky to get any in the first location.”

Due to this scandal, Lori did not look at the fifth and last period of Fuller House on Netflix together with her first sitcom co-stars, that left them feeling frustrated. Andrea Barber, AKA Kimmy Gibbler, advised Folks back in June:

“It was very miserable, and we all can sense her absence. It only felt as though there was a gap in the full year but also because last episode. She should have been around, and I am sorry she was not… She is among the sweetest, kindest and many down-to-earth folks I have ever met. I really like her, I really like her unconditionally. She is only a love affair, and she will always be family .”

It will certainly be interesting to determine whether such friendships continue to maintain up following Loughlin functions her time behind bars!

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